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Beth Foraker (Boyan) ’82 - Alumna of the Year

How advocate for students with disabilities is being honored at her alma mater.

For the last 20 years, Beth Foraker (Boyan) ’82 has been an advocate for students with disabilities, including intellectual disabilities, in our Catholic schools. She founded The National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion—an amazing resource for schools to learn more about the importance of inclusion. It offers support and resources to encourage inclusion and provides numerous examples of successful inclusion around the country. She is a nationally recognized advocate for inclusion and has spoken at conferences across the nation.

Most recently, she pioneered a four-year, all-inclusive academic program for students with intellectual disabilities at UC Davis called the Redwood Seeds Program. The program is in its second year and has been wildly successful in integrating students with intellectual disabilities into the UC Davis campus. For these reasons and more, Beth has been named Carondelet’s Alumna of the Year 2023.

For information on the Alumnae Awards Ceremony, ways to get involved, or if you want to help celebrate Beth, visit this page.




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