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Push your body, follow your passions

How one alumna’s journey from student-athlete to fitness journey became her passion and eventual livelihood.

Meghan Conney ’02 never intended to become a business owner. She’ll be the first to say it was just never a goal of hers. Life, though, had other plans.

A lifelong athlete, she enjoyed pushing her body and experiencing the rush that comes with completing a workout that’s both challenging and effective as well as sustainable. “During a Bar Method class, I shake and push myself to my limits, yet I still feel empowered afterward to crush the rest of my day,” she said. “And I can take the class again the next day!”

She fell in love with how a bar workout made her feel, so in 2016, she earned her instructor certification. “After teaching for a few years, I realized that The Bar Method was my calling and took the plunge to open my own studio in order to bring the Bar Method workout and community to more people,” Meaghan said.

Her path following her time at Carondelet is storied—she was a collegiate athlete at Dartmouth College in volleyball, a content creator, marketer, and consultant, and coached high school football, all the way to where she is now. “I love taking on new challenges and projects because tackling things that are uncomfortable is how you grow and learn what you are capable of,” the Bar Method instructor and two-studio owner explained. “I’m sure my experiences at Carondelet helped inspire it.”

That’s advice that can be applied to all things, including trying out one of her classes. “They’re geared toward all levels,” she said. The Bar Method workout was originally inspired by jazz and ballet, but you do not need dance experience or flexibility to be successful. “That’s what our instructors are there for, to lead you every step of the way.” She explained that with consistency, people are surprised by how quickly they progress and build strength.

As for the business aspect of her career, her best advice is to pursue what you’re passionate about. “For the first few years, you will live and breathe your business,” she said. “and no one cares more than you! When times are tough, your passion will be your resilience.”

Even in this next chapter of her life, she still fondly remembers her time as a Carondelet Cougar alongside her high school partner in crime KJ who’s still her best friend. “I feel so grateful for the teachers who shaped me and for the friends who supported me. Carondelet is a unique place, and I know my high school experience—and those beyond high school—would have been very different if I had gone somewhere else. They all shaped me into the person I am today, and I feel blessed every day!”

If you’re interested in trying out a class, check out her website. Or sign up to join us at a Carondelet Alumnae-Only class on June 24


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