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The Cannon Family - Putting Wellness First

Anne and Scott Cannon P’22 have put a fine point on decades of wellness culture and evolution at Carondelet. While Carondelet has placed a premium on wellness for far longer than it’s been mainstream, the Cannonsin recognition of the care and attention their daughter Noelle ’22 received as a studentmade a lead gift to establish a dedicated center to provide our robust wellness practice an official home.

Anne and Scott Cannon P'22
Anne and Scott Cannon P’22

The Cannon Wellness Center soft opened in the fall of 2022 and became fully operational in January 2023 for the start of second semester. As our Wellness Counselors and students have explored and embraced their new space, the deep need for this specific place has come into full view. Our students have lived a life recently that has at times been unstable and disruptive. The protracted and collective challenges that our families, society, and world have faced are difficult for well-established, highly-resourced adults to process and manage. As young people on the cusp of adulthood, our students have faced not only the complications and demands of growing up, but have done it during unprecedented times and in an environment that is increasingly pressure-filled for them and their peers. They need support in new and comprehensive ways.

Nestled in the Convent, the Cannon is the next iteration of our wellness journey. It provides space for all students to gather, reset, build community, receive counseling, and find peace. It houses a variety of programs and services to actively promote wellbeing for the body, mind, and soul. And it serves as a jumping off point for a lifetime of wellness literacy and confidence.

Carondelet strives for each of our students to grow to recognize, embrace, and celebrate the unique and beautiful qualities that make up who they are. They are a gift to us and this world. View Anne and Scott Cannon’s Wellness Message


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