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Vituity Cares - A Partnership in Opportunity

Theo Koury P’18, Vice President of Vituity Cares Foundation, knows what an exceptional educational experience looks like. Seeing his daughter thrive during high school and beyond because of the unique way Carondelet supported her academically, socially, and spiritually made it easy for him to create a partnership with the healthcare industry in support of our students.
Vituity Cares representatives Theo Koury P'18 and Imamu (Mu) Tomlinson with Jaycelyn Luna-Hooker '26 and Imani McDonald '25
Vituity Cares representatives Theo Koury P’18 and Imamu (Mu) Tomlinson with Jaycelyn Luna-Hooker ’26 and Imani McDonald ’25

Vituity Cares is dedicated to healing the most vulnerable, empowering the underrepresented, and ensuring a more equitable future for all. They believe that the people who have experience with inequities are the ones best equipped to build solutions. That’s why they are proud to be in their second year of partnership with Carondelet, providing scholarship opportunities to support low-income scholars interested in the sciences or healthcare and representative of communities under-represented in healthcare.

Vituity not only increases access and eliminates barriers for our students, but puts the ‘cares’ in Vituity Cares. Annual visits with our Vituity Cares scholars, open lines of communication between Vituity Cares leadership and our students, and access to mentoring programs make this arrangement comprehensive and personal. It’s certainly personal for Theo. The more he learns about our students’ successes, the more he wants to do through Vituity Cares.

“Thank you also for sharing Imani’s and Jayce’s stories. It’s awesome to see them get involved. Watching them grow through this experience is truly inspiring. And we’re excited to have additional scholarship recipients benefit from Carondelet’s education and culture.”

A third Vituity Cares scholar is on the horizon, and we know she’ll make her mark on Carondelet as a member of this esteemed group.


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