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Wellness Counselors on the Cutting Edge

A wellness counselor on the cutting edge of her craft is honing her skills and supporting new initiatives for an on-campus wellness center.

Sarah Alpert has been serving as a wellness counselor at Carondelet for ten years helping to support the social-emotional well-being of students and families within the community. This year, she and her counseling colleague are getting certified in life coaching from the University of California, Davis.

Our certification adds new levels of offerings for our students,” Sarah said. “We’ll have these coaching techniques to be able to get students from point A to B. It’s just another way to let families know we’re serious about helping their kids and assure students that they don’t have to be afraid to ask for help.”

She is looking forward to this new opportunity as a means to engage with receptive families.

This is not the only new initiative the counselor has her hands in as Carondelet embarks on an important new journey in wellness by providing students tools and resources they can draw upon for a lifetime. The Cannon Wellness Center (the Cannon) and its programmatic framework are the catalysts for opening a world of possibilities for our students during their time at Carondelet and beyond.

Inspired by a generous lead gift from Anne and Scott Cannon and family, the Cannon will span 2,275 square feet in the Convent, including community and private gathering spaces. This place is a crossroads where students not only reset but also connect.

Sarah has been a vital and contributing member at Carondelet for a decade. She returned to her alma mater after achieving a BA in Cross-Cultural Studies and an MA in Psychology, both from St. Mary’s College of California. She was granted the Making a Difference Award in 2019 for her exceptional support of students who are survivors of sexual assault and for bringing schoolwide assemblies about sexual assault and the negatives of victim-shaming. Throughout her time here, she has made a massive impact that has had positive ripples throughout the whole Carondelet Community.


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