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DEI Council creates awareness of our inclusive community

The new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council of students planned a Cultural Festival on campus during our new bell schedule’s community block in January.

The purpose of this festival was to represent the many different cultures on campus. Clubs and affinity groups hosted tables sharing food and education representing their culture, craft opportunities, and music from around the world. In the Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation, there were videos about various cultures and cultural interests, a student short film, an author interview, student presentations, and a trivia game focusing on Catholicism around the world.

Clubs and affinity groups such as BSU, Latin@s Unid@s, Asian Pacific Islander Club, Horizon, Compass, Craft Club, Pre-Med Club, Rugby Club, Spanish Honor Society, Novel Ideas Club among others participated. Individual student groups representing South America and India were also involved. Students were encouraged to check out the various booths, and presentations to get a sense of the richness of our Carondelet inclusive community and a glimpse into other cultures.

Students had a “passport” and received stickers based on how many booths and opportunities they attended. They could then turn in the passport for a chance at a raffle where some of the prizes included t-shirts, handmade jewelry, and free food, or priority in the lunch line.


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