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Company Presents, “Heathers: the Musical”

Company kicks off its spring show with a performance run of Heather’s: The Musical.

With rock music, high action scenes, romance, and murder—this 80s movie-turned musical has a little something for everyone. Carondelet-De La Salle Company presents the spring musical “Heathers.” Despite, or in spite of, intense themes including suicide, homophobia, and violence, Heathers is a thrilling and thought-provoking musical for all teenagers and older.

Company has been working hard since December to bring the greatest show possible. The cast has been rehearsing four days a week to perfect their singing, choreography, and acting. The crews have been working just as hard to bring a whole new level to the music-making costumes, sets, props, and much more. The lights and sound crew have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this musical the best one to date for Company.

Please be advised, that this show contains sensitive themes and depicts potentially triggering content. Please read this note from De La Salle/Carondelet Company.

What people are saying about “Heathers”

The entire cast and crew is incredibly talented and have worked so hard these past few months. They deserve to be celebrated.”
Siena Pugay ’23, Veronica

“Heathers is especially entertaining for a high school audience. The show ranges from hilarious to wholesome to terrifying all in a short period of time. Our cast is incredible, and I think there’s something everyone will find enjoyable about our rendition of this production.”
Ava Ribando ’22, Stoner Chick

“I hope you see the play to appreciate the hard work we put into it.”
KC Marie ’23, Coach Ripper

“Heathers has a lot of really good (some might even say banger) music and if nothing else you should go see it for that.”
Katie Richards ’22, Mrs. Flemings

“This show really shows the true hardships of highschool and what everyone is going through inside of themselves. It also takes difficult topics and makes it easier to digest through song.”
Kiera O’Connell ’22, Heather MacNamara

It is definitely an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. It covers “adult themes” that teenagers often experience even in today’s society and is a great way to learn more about it in a fun and entertaining way.”
Morgan Rotenberry ’23, Martha Dunstock

Show days are March 31, April 1, April 2, April 3, April 7, April 8, and April 9. You can buy your tickets here.


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