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Freshman filmmaker gets her big break in East Coast Film Festival
When Olive Read ’25 isn’t working on segments for the Early Early Show, she’s writing, producing, directing, and filming her own projects—two of these were just accepted into a film festival in New York City. Olive and her family got to go and see her work in the theater earlier this month.
“Seeing my film on the big screen was just so amazing and it really made me appreciate all the waiting I’ve done to get my name known,” Olive said. She was only able to see one of her films on the silver screen, but other attendees approached her about how much they enjoyed it. “That really filled my heart with joy.”
She started making short projects after being inspired to make a video celebrating her dad’s birthday about a year ago. Thus, on the day her father was born, a star was too. Since that short, she’s been honing her skills and staying hungry for new opportunities.


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