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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging statement

Carondelet’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement will unify and align our community and stakeholders as well as help guide our decision making and accountability. The statement was unanimously approved by the board of trustees in June 2021.

At Carondelet our unique spirit is guided by the tradition and legacy of our founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph, and our commitment to model our mission of unifying love. We remain steeped in the CSJ charism to move always toward love of God and love of neighbor without distinction, which serves as our mandate to provide a fully inclusive and equitable environment that fosters a more diverse community.

We are called to serve our dear neighbor without distinction, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, generational history, culture, socioeconomic class, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship status, political perspectives, geographic origin, and physical ability. Through understanding, engagement, and empowerment all community members can flourish and reach their full potential.

Advancing strategies for enhancing equity, diversity, and inclusion while combatting discrimination, racism, and injustice achieves and demonstrates our shared values of upholding dignity for all.

As an inclusive CSJ community, we are uniquely challenged to respond to the needs of the times. We recognize our shared values and responsibility to act for justice, human dignity, and combat racism and discrimination. By operating with high ethical standards, we become the change we wish to see in our community.

We believe that diversity and social justice are fundamental components of educational excellence and the advancement of knowledge. Across our academic and athletic campuses we promote positive school climate, equity, and inclusive excellence through programming, events, training, policies, practices, and resources.

We challenge our educators, students, families, and alumnae to continue authentic conversations, examining our actions, and growing in our individual and community understanding. Recognizing that our voices and actions do matter, we must listen, educate ourselves, advocate on behalf of the marginalized, be open to and share the perspective of others, speak out, reflect on our own words and actions, and actively work toward systemic change.

Our commitment to create an environment that is physically, personally, spiritually, psychologically, and academically safe for all students and staff is long-term and requires collaboration.

We are all connected. What happens to one affects us all. We accomplish more together than apart.


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