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A Future Changemaker

Geline Mascardo ’18

My passions—numbers and innovation—both began at Carondelet. Currently, a Data Science major at UC Berkeley, those experiences truly shaped me into the student that I am and empowered me to pursue these fields as a career. 
Geline Mascardo '18
Geline Mascardo ’18

Submitted by Geline Mascardo ’18

I’m an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley studying Data Science. Outside of my major, I am completing the UC Berkeley Certificate Program in Entrepreneurship and Technology as well as the Certificate Program in Design Innovation. My Carondelet experience truly shaped me into the student that I am and empowered me to pursue these fields.

My coding journey began at Carondelet. I took the AP Computer Science Principles course during my senior year, and it introduced me to the world of code and analysis. After graduating from CHS, I continued to embrace my fascination with numbers as I began my journey at Cal. The Data Science degree program intrigued me early in my college career. Through my classes, I explore concepts like business analytics, machine learning, data structures and visualization. Outside of the classroom, I am a part of the Data Scholar program where I get to network with data scientists from the Bay Area and attend data science workshops.

In addition to data science, I immerse myself in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem at Cal. I work at the Chief Innovation and Entrepreneurship Office where I build resources for startups, incubator and accelerator programs, as well as conduct venture capitalist research. This has been a rewarding experience for me as I am able to connect and collaborate with leading innovators from campus groups such as Berkeley SkyDeck, the Haas School of Business and Intellectual Property and Industry Research Alliances. I discovered my passion for entrepreneurship through a Carondelet field trip. During my junior year at CHS, the College and Career Center invited a group of students to attend the Startup Grind Global Conference. In an auditorium in Silicon Valley, I sat among founders, investors, and industry experts from around the world. As the CEOs on stage shared their change-making stories, I listened intently and was in complete awe. This Carondelet field trip connected me to a world that continues to energize me. I am so grateful for the college counselors and resources at the College & Career Center at Carondelet.

Carondelet not only prepared me academically but also fueled my passion for serving the community. At UC Berkeley, I embrace the Carondelet mission of service. I teach a course on Design Innovation and give lectures on need-finding, user research, analysis, and prototyping. Being able to mentor other undergraduates at Cal and help them advance in their academics is truly an enriching experience. With most students in their first or second year of college, I feel happy that I am able to offer my guidance as they take on this new journey.

It has been a few years since my graduation from CHS, and I continue to hold on to the values that Carondelet instilled in me. My high school experience was an amazing four years. I feel truly blessed with my Carondelet education.

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