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Filling the White House

Bella Blecha ’13 joins the Biden Administration to recruit for key positions in the White House.

On Inauguration Day, Isabella Blecha ’13 was sworn into office as Associate Director in the White House Office of Presidential Personnel. Her department is responsible for identifying, recruiting, and presenting candidates for key positions within the administration.

Another Carondelet alumnae takes on DC to become part of the Biden Administration. Bella Blecha '... “It is an honor of a lifetime to serve in the Biden-Harris Administration,” Bella said in conversation. “I’m proud to work for individuals that will restore the soul of the nation and rebuild the backbone of America at a time when it is so desperately needed.”

During the 2020 Presidential Election, Bella worked for the Biden campaign as Chief of Staff in New Hampshire and Ohio during the primaries and as a National Surrogate Scheduling Coordinator during the general. She was profiled among other Latinx women playing major roles for the campaign.

Bella says her experience at Carondelet helped her find her voice and created the space to discover her passion.

“In school, I always dreamed about working where I work now. I encourage any young woman to dream big and if you have an interest in politics, or any other field where women are underrepresented, pursue it.”

She says the Carondelet community helps you through hard times and is by your side during the great times. It can help any woman become the best version of herself.

“There are still so many glass ceilings to be broken and I know we can shatter them if we continue to uplift and support those around us.”


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