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2019 Inspirational Mentor (Inaugural) Mary Beth Kulawiec Dittrich ‘79

“But we can all love—in small, simple, and beautiful ways.”
Mary Beth Kulawiec Dittrich '79
Mary Beth Kulawiec Dittrich ’79

“I was invited to share with you today something that would inspire you to be ‘all of which woman is capable.’ “Mother Teresa said: ‘Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.’ Not all of us can go on a mission trip. Not all of us can start a charity. But we can all love—in small, simple, and beautiful ways. Motivated by a profound love of God and love of the dear neighbor, the first Sisters of St. Joseph in Le Puy, France did simple things—they took soup to the sick in their homes—they taught young women the trade of lace-making. Nothing earth-shattering, but small acts of kindness, which reflected their love of God and their desire to serve.”

“So, I challenge you to look every day for small things that you can do out of great love—small things that the world may see as unreasonable, but things that show your love of God and your love of the dear neighbor.”


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