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“Quarantined in the Kitchen”

To keep connected, student cooked up a video competition show while stuck at home.
A snapshot from Emma Shaughnessy's cooking competition video Quarentined in the Kitchen
A snapshot from Emma Shaughnessy’s cooking competition video “Quarentined in the Kitchen”

Emma Shaughnessy is excited for her second year in the Associated Student Body.

“As a student representative of the Carondelet ASB Leadership Team, we strive for inclusivity and student connections, and challenge ourselves to engage others.”

For Emma, the first three weeks of distance learning proved to be a difficult adjustment not only for logistically and academically, but emotionally. Mingling with teachers and friends in the hallways as a thing of the past added a melancholic feeling toward online calls and assignments. To help themselves and others cope with all of the changes, leadership councils shared many brainstorming sessions to create content for all students to enjoy.

“Throughout my life, my family and I watched shows like The Great British Bake Off, Nailed It, and Food Network’s Chopped. When I told my fellow publicity teammates about the idea of a baking contest, they all loved it and instantly called our leadership moderator into the breakout room.”

Eventually, they landed on the catchy name “Quarantined in the Kitchen.” They posted the video promotion on Schoology, and on the official Carondelet ASB Instagram page, linking a google signup form for student participants.

An hour after posting, Emma received multiple texts from classmates about how excited they were for the competition to begin. It lasted four weeks, with four episodes. Each participant filmed themselves baking that week’s selected sweet. Once the episode was released they held multiple Instagram polls for students to decide which sweet they liked the most.

“Quarantined in the Kitchen was a great project that took many people to plan and put together. The series itself was very popular, excited students each week, and even inspired ASB to bake more often!”


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