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Giving Hope - Naomi Dobrich

Potential and promise in students’ futures.
  • Naomi Dobrich with students who receive scholarship assistance at the Scholarship Banquet in April 2019.
  • Student recipients and donors at the Scholarship Banquet in April 2019.
  • Naomi Dobrich with students who receive scholarship assistance at the Scholarship Banquet in April 2019.
  • Naomi Dobrich with students receiving scholarship assistance at the Scholarship Banquet in April 2018.

Naomi Dobrich grew up knowing that her parents valued education. They were intellectually curious with a desire to attend college, but life had other plans. That didn’t stop them from instilling a love of learning in their children, however, and Naomi and her siblings all went on to dedicate their professional lives to teaching. Each of them gained immense satisfaction from this demanding and complex vocation. But in a family with three brothers, Naomi’s voice was not always heard. Then, she had four daughters.

From the beginning, Naomi taught her daughters to speak their minds, stand up for themselves, express their beliefs and opinions with confidence, and to be proud of who they were. The Carondelet experience was an extension of this philosophy and Naomi’s daughters flourished here. The parent involvement, the commitment of the school community, and the atmosphere of an all-girls education all contributed to the Dobrich’s love for Carondelet. Most succinctly, Naomi believes that young women leave Carondelet with a solid sense of self, an intention to serve, and a strong education. This winning combination is what inspired the Dobrich family to begin seriously supporting Carondelet’s tuition assistance and scholarship programs.

As the Dobrich’s thought about their ability to make a difference in the world through philanthropy, Naomi kept returning to Carondelet and the potential and promise she sees here. She intends for her support to benefit those students and families who need extra help today, and to inspire future generations to create similar opportunities for students to come. This positive feedback loop is mirrored in Naomi’s own family as her daughtersall proud Carondelet alumnaeeach consider their own way of giving back to the institution that gave them so much.

“Talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not. Carondelet offers something unique.”

Naomi Dobrich P `74, `76, `81 G `05, `09

Since 2013, the Naomi and David Dobrich Scholarship Fund has provided support for 34 Carondelet students. This legacy includes many students who traveled a significant distance to come to school, students who are first-generation college attendees, students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and students in nontraditional living situations. Naomi is humbled to support these worthy students and always will. Her arrangement with Carondelet is in perpetuity, which means the Dobrich Scholarship will continue to provide funds to qualifying students for generations to come, amplifying their gift across time.


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