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Marcella Fox – Inspirational Mentor of the Year

Marcella Fox - Religious Studies Teacher for 27 years.  Retired in 2017. 
“I am the one who is inspired. Thank you for this honor.”
Marcella Fox - Inspirational Mentor of the Year 2020
Marcella Fox - Inspirational Mentor of the Year 2020

The Alumnae Association Board is proud to announce the 2020 Inspirational Mentor of the Year is Marcella Fox.

The Inspirational Mentor of the Year is a faculty or staff member who helped mold us into the women we are today with their compassion and constant encouragement – shaping us into women of heart, faith, and courage. 

A few quotes from our alumnae:

“She broadened my outlook toward other religions and gave us life stories I find myself telling other people to this day.”

“She opened my eyes and expanded my mind to the world, through her world religions class”.

“Her curious and accepting spirit has allowed others to feel immediately at home in her presence. Dr. Fox is passionate about being an educator to faith filled women and has served as an inspiration to thousands of her students over her 27 years at Carondelet.”

A message from Marcella:

Inspiration means “In the Spirit of God.” God’s Spirit is the gift I experienced daily during my 27 years of teaching at Carondelet High School.

First, I was inspired by the Sisters of St. Joseph whose love of God found its way in service “to the dear neighbor.” Then the incredible faculty and staff inspired me. Oh, the students, how I treasure them and pray for them each morning. Yes, I am the one who is inspired.

Following my retirement my husband Alan Gould and I moved to the Oakmont community in Santa Rosa. Happily, two of my sisters live here as well, so there are always gatherings of the Fox sisters.

After the fires in 2017, I volunteered at Cardinal Newman High School and have continued helping out as a substitute teacher.

I have also found a home in our beautiful parish of Star of the Valley. I have given mini courses on the world’s religions. With each lesson I relate fun stories of my Carondelet and De La Salle students that bring genuine joy and laughter.

See, you, my former students continue to inspire.


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