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Hofmann Family Foundation Gives $15 million Grant to Carondelet

The Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation represents a new era of secondary education for young womenone shaped by breakthrough integration and global capabilities.
Groundbreaking 10/11/18
Groundbreaking 10/11/18

Carondelet High School is poised to transform the intellectual and physical landscape of its campus, and the lives of its students, for generations to come. By creating its own future, Carondelet is redefining and advancing its institutional mission in innovative ways.

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This unprecedented opportunity, put in motion through the generosity of the Hofmann Family Foundation, profoundly impacts the way students and teachers think, learn, and share. With their lead gift to fund the Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation, Ken and Jean Hofmann and their daughter, Lisa Hofmann Morgan, are transforming the education young women receive.

“Ken was a person of great vision who was deeply committed to Catholic education. His commitment to opening doors for others was borne from a life of hard work and his own transformational Catholic education. Jean and Lisa have worked alongside Mr. Hofmann in these endeavors and are continuing the family’s devoted legacy to make a difference,” said Carondelet President Bonnie Cotter. “We are so very grateful to the Hofmann family for making a new future possible for young women.”

While so many in the Carondelet family were thankful for this gift, it was Lisa Hofmann Morgan who seemed most thankful of all. Her recognition of the Sisters of St. Joseph spoke to the core of the “love, compassion, and caring they provided for so many years and the manner in which they nurtured the lasting relationships, which are the foundation that brought us here today,” said Lisa Hofmann Morgan. These words of irrepressible gratitude speak to the “faith, heart, and courage” Lisa Hofmann Morgan inspires and lives.

Sasha Williams ’19; Sr. Rosheen Glennon, CSJ; Lisa Hofmann Morgan; Jean Hofmann; Bonnie Cotter, President; Jack Russi; Jodi Russi; Kevin Cushing, Principal; Lesley Schooler; Sr. Ann Bernard O'Shea, CSJ; John D'Amico

The Hofmann Family Foundation $15 million Grant, said Lisa Hofmann Morgan, “is given in the spirit of innovation and a commitment that Carondelet shall remain accessible to all. With that in mind, we have created an endowed, needs-based, scholarship fund to ensure quality Catholic education and… access for those who could otherwise not afford it… The second half of our commitment is to make the major, lead gift to build the Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation… where young women can stretch their minds and build their ingenuity and creativity. It is indeed Carondelet’s time to shine.”

Her words received wide applause from dignitaries, alumnae, and the many guests who attended this celebration. Vice Mayor Carlyn Obringer (on behalf of Mayor Edi Birsan and the Concord City Council) formally proclaimed “Thursday, October 11 as Carondelet STEM and Innovation Day in the City of Concord.”

The Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation symbolizes a new, powerful fusion of creativity and technology that will stand at the heart of the Carondelet campus and support a future of transformational learning and discovery for young women. Through their philanthropy, Lisa Hofmann Morgan and Jean Hofmann are living examples of women who dream big and achieve big.


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