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Diversifying one’s Perspective

How Carondelet created a yearning for unique experiences.

“Carondelet helped me curate this yearning for different experiences,” said Maddie McPhail ’15.

It’s her first time back on her alma mater’s campus in almost 10 years, and in her time away she’s worn several hats. From starting a woman’s footwear and studying international business in Spain to studying agricultural business and finding her way to Deloitte as a consultant, Maddie has recognized that the diversity and breadth of her experience are what provide her with such a special perspective as a businesswoman.

“Don’t be afraid to try on different hats and explore different paths and passions—it shows huge strength,” she said. “The more diverse experiences and people you’re able to surround yourself with, the better off everyone is.”

Currently a consultant at Deloitte, Maddie is on one of the largest projects in the company in addition to running a team. As she advances, she’s also been a huge proponent of hiring women and working to increase the ratio and opportunities in leadership roles, something the firm stands behind. “I’ve been a huge proponent of hiring women,” Maddie said.

“The sense of community here (at Carondelet), I found myself working to replicate and build for myself in the years following,” she said. “In college, I was part of Alpha Chi Omega sorority, and I searched for that female-centric community there as well.”

“Probably my biggest goal is to become a successful woman business person and help others do the same—to elevate all of us,” she said. Maddie can trace these values and her want to surround herself with communities of strong women directly back to her time at Carondelet. Since then, she has worked to tie herself to strong and numerous sisterhoods.

One of her favorite memories during her high school years was playing volleyball. “That was huge,” said Maddie. “I have people at work to this day who say, ‘I can tell you played a team sport because that’s just how you operate. You operate for the team,’ and it’s so funny because volleyball was such a formative part of my growing up and this sisterhood was so important.”

As someone with such a broad range of interests, she is thankful Carondelet never stifled opportunities to explore, and she has been able to take that flexibility in the learning she pursues daily.

“My different interests and experiences have built me into a professional that is so unique,” said Maddie. “We need more people who can contribute from a variety of perspectives and backgrounds and who are willing to bring their authentic selves.”

As she continues her journey, she’s now in grad school at Georgetown University.


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