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Reintroducing RISE

How student leaders lead this year’s RISE week charge and reintroduced this important event to the Carondelet Community.
by Clarice Reinwald ’22

RISE (respect, inclusion, solidarity, and empowerment) week is dedicated to bringing Carondelet students together and standing together against sexual violence. Students come together to learn about sexual abuse and how to deal with it—whether that’s on a personal level or as an advocate.

“Our RISE week activities this week are important reminders that we need to continue to create awareness of and discussion about violence against women,” said Principal Kevin Cushing. “It is a most unfortunate reality that our students face situations now and when they go off to college that they need to be prepared for. As we begin to roll out our Green Dot training program, know that we will continue to provide our students with the information and the tools they need to create safe environments for themselves and their sisters now and in the future.”

RISE Week is one of the biggest events ASB plans. With a big portion of the student body this year not knowing what RISE means to Carondelet and the traditions surrounding it, ASB worked especially hard to ensure all students felt the community and weight surrounding sexual assault.

The assembly on Wednesday was an especially heavy lift as alumnae speakers and community advocates spoke as a panel about what it means to be an advocate and how to support one another. Media team/technical producer Belle Desouza ’22 explained, “it took a lot of planning, coordination, and time to make sure everything ran smoothly.”

It's RISE Week on campus, a week surrounding Respect, Inclusion, Solidarity, and Empowerment. Thi... Panelists included: Emari Dimagiba ’90, artist and advocate; Megan Gallagher, Director of the CARE Center at Saint Mary’s College; and Colleen Gill ’15, Assistant Director of Enrollment, recent graduate of Green Dot school Vanderbilt University.

As ASB members set out chairs, adjusted lights, and set up cameras to get ready for the guest speakers, the gym transformed from an athletics arena to a live studio audience right before their eyes. During the assembly, some members interviewed the guest speakers, controlled the projector, or took questions from students.

Students on ASB plan spirit weeks and important school events, RISE week included. The Leadership Council gives students the opportunity to be more involved on campus and bring the student experience to the forefront of Carondelet’s goals. Belle said, “​​After each major ASB event we have a debrief to talk about what went well, what have we heard from our student body, and how can we improve for next year or the next event. ASB is really a way for Carondelet to ensure student voices are heard, whether that is in regard to fun events and spirit weeks or important assemblies and issues. 

Check out these resources to continue the conversation related to mental health, sexual assault, and Green Dot training.


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