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Addressing anti-Asian violence

A message from President Annette Eros ’85

At Carondelet, we stand in solidarity with our Asian and Pacific Islander students, families, faculty and staff, and broader community against the recent escalating acts of violence, hate, and discrimination toward our dear neighbors. The latest unprovoked attacks on our Asian sisters and brothers in the Bay Area and throughout the country cannot be tolerated. These alarming and vicious acts affect us all, and as a CSJ community are in direct conflict with our call for justice and respect for all people.

Our faith and guiding principles of the CSJ charism call for us to actively engage in our thoughts, prayers, words, actions, and advocate on behalf of the marginalized, and work toward creating a more compassionate, caring, and understanding world. Holding ourselves and society to a higher standard of anti-racism starts on campus as a community of like-minded individuals and will resonate beyond to create meaningful and necessary change.

With hope, resolve, and solidarity,

Annette Eros ’85


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