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We gather for our last prayer service together as a whole class. At Baccalaureate, we celebrate the many accomplishments, memories, friendships, and dreams that have come to light over the last four years.


Worship Aid

Be sure to download and print this Baccalaureate Worship Aid before the prayer service so your entire family can fully participate. 


6 tips for celebrating our virtual Baccalaureate

  1. Create a Sacred Space – Plan Ahead

    • Think about which room in your home will feel most prayerful. Gather around a table where you can set up a few special items and your device for everyone to see while streaming the prayer service.
    • Set up your family’s prayer table with a tablecloth, 2 candles, a lighter, and a cross.
    • Charge your device(s)
    • Graduates, please set aside the following items (if you have them) and be ready to add them to your prayer table during the prayer service:
      • dreamcatcher from Alpha
      • clay hearthstone from Corazon
      • sunflower (something with sunflowers on it) from Junior Ring Ceremony
      • senior class sweatshirt
      • ribbon

  2. Be Social

    • “Like” or add comments to the YouTube video before the prayer service begins to help create a sense of community so you feel connected to your classmates and friends
    • Move around when invited to do so, interact with your family
    • Have your phone handy for a special social media moment (but don’t get distracted with your phone during the rest of the prayer service!)

  3. Don’t Watch, Participate

    • It is crucial that you have the Worship Aid available for everyone to see so that you can be active participants rather than members of an audience.

  4. Sing Loud and Proud

    • Follow along and participate in the songs and prayers
    • Encourage your family to sing with you - show them how much we love our songs during Carondelet liturgies!

  5. Let Us Pray

    • Share special intentions out loud with your family when invited to do so
    • Join in the special blessings toward the end of the service

  6. Say “Cheese!”

    • Share photos of your family’s worship space at home.
    • Share and/or tag photos to yours and Carondelet’s social media accounts to create a sense of community. We’ll share on the Carondelet accounts so we can see each other.

Since we cannot physically be together to celebrate Baccalaureate this year, we will instead gather from our homes for our final prayer service. The tradition of having a Baccalaureate service comes from a time when graduates had to deliver a sermon in Latin to demonstrate all they had learned, both academically and spiritually. Over the years, it has become a prayer service that offers an opportunity for the community to honor and bless the graduating class, as well as an opportunity for a few graduates to declare the collective commitment of their class to the Gospel values they have learned.

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