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Schedule & Overview

Camp Carondelet is committed to creating a fun and engaging environment for campers while incorporating necessary safety guidelines and protocols as required by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS). In the following documentation, we cover all of our safety and wellness protocol requirements for all campers and staff for summer 2020.

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Summer Camp Sessions

Camp Carondelet will be offered for four sessions throughout June and July: 

  • Week 1: June 22 - June 26
  • Week 2: June 29 - July 3 ( Newly added! )
  • Week 3: July 13 - July 17
  • Week 4: July 20 - July 24

Families who registered campers to attend our original Week 1, which was scheduled for June 15 - June 19, are highly encouragedto select our new Week 2 session. Our decision to move our first session back was made with guidance from CCHS, in an effort to allow additional time between county reopenings and gatherings of individuals in shared spaces.

If your family had a camper registered to attend during the original Week 1 session and you would like to discuss registration or receive a refund for the original 1st week, please reach out to Kimber Powers, Director of Community Relations at (925)257-4302 or


Camp Hours

Camp Carondelet hours are 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM each day for all sessions. Designated counselors will be on-site and available to welcome campers starting at 8:40 AM at their dedicated dropoff point on our Main Campus in Concord at 1133 Winton Drive, Concord. (specific details to follow closer to the start of camp). Following the end of afternoon activity rotations, families will pick up campers from the Carondelet Athletics Complex (CAC) in Walnut Creek at 3737 Valley Vista Rd., Walnut Creek. Families are welcomed to arrive for pickup starting at 3:50 PM to begin camper collection from their dedicated pickup point at the CAC. In order to keep traffic flowing throughout pickup areas, families will be permitted to collect their campers up until 4:15 PM.

In the case of an emergency that would prevent a camper from arriving on time for a morning session or require a parent to need additional pick up time, please immediately contact Kimber Powers, Director of Community Relations at (925) 257-4302 or

For morning activities, we will notify your camper’s specialty teacher and designated counselor. For afternoon activities, we will ensure that your camper remains supervised by a staff member until you arrive. Please note: You may be charged an additional $50 fee for multiple pickups after 4:15 PM during a week session of camp.

Daily Schedule

8:40 AM Drop-off begins at Main Campus
9:00 AM Morning Session 1
10:30 AM Morning Session 2
11:45 AM Lunch and Transport to CAC
1:00 PM Afternoon Session 1 
2:00 PM Afternoon Session 2
3:00 PM Afternoon Session 3
4:00 PM Camp ends at CAC
4:15 PM Pickup ends


Camp Facilities

All camp sessions will be hosted at facilities owned by Carondelet High School. Prior to COVID-19, there were plans to offer morning activities at both of our campuses. Those plans have now changed in order for us to remain compliant with small stable group requirements as set forth by CCHS.

After camper drop off, Camp Carondelet morning activities will take place at The Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation, located on our main campus at 1133 Winton Drive in Concord. Afternoon activities, including camper pickup, will be held at the Carondelet Athletics Complex, located at 3737 Valley Vista Road in Walnut Creek.

Below, there are further details on how we will safely transport campers between campuses midday. Dropoff and pickup for campers will take place in separate dedicated locations on both campuses to prevent cross-contamination between our small groups. You will be notified of your camper’s dedicated location for dropoff/pickup prior to the start of your week-long session.

Additionally, there will be signage to clearly indicate small stable group dropoff and pick up at both campuses.


Early Care and After Care

Based on guidance from CCHS that now requires camp facilities to complete extensive daily sanitization for all activity spaces, we will no longer be offering Early or Aftercare at either campus. This additional time will be used by our facilities team to sanitize thoroughly and reset all facilities for the next day of camp. Families who registered prior to or during shelter-in-place restrictions and selected the original early or aftercare options we planned to offer before COVID-19 will be fully refunded for any associated fees with these add-on services by June 30.


Small, Stable Camper Groups

Following the recommended CCHS guidelines, all campers will be placed into small, stable groups of 12 to prevent cross-contamination and limit physical interactions between campers. Camp Carondelet will have two groups of 12 campers (a total of 24 at all times) on-campus for each session and both groups will be assigned one designated counselor that will remain with the group all day for both their morning and afternoon activities, for each day of their session.

As noted on the updated registration form, you are allowed to indicate if there are specific campers your child would like to be grouped with during their session.

Please note: For us to approve a requested grouping, parents of other campers you are asking to be grouped with must also list your child on their registration form.



Based on CCHS summer guidelines, we have modified all offered activities to minimize physical contact between campers and staff members that would need to demonstrate how to participate in these activities. 

Morning Activities

During the morning activities, the two stable groups of 12 campers will be managed by one designated counselor who will participate in two rotating sessions taught by specialty teachers (adults) at our Concord Campus.

Activities that have been approved to offer in the mornings: 

  • Wacky Science (Week 1 & 3)
  • Digital Remixing (Weeks 1 & 3)
  • Minecraft (Weeks 2 & 4)
  • Podcasting (Weeks 2 & 4)

Each activity will last for 75 minutes, with built-in 15-minute breaks. During these breaks, campers will stay in their small groups for snack time and staff members will thoroughly sanitize their activity workspaces in preparation for the second rotation of campers.

Afternoon Activities

All afternoon activities will be planned by specialty teachers and will be tailored to inspire creativity and fun play for campers. Campers will remain in their original stable groups with designated counselors once at the CAC and will rotate through three activity stations while on-site. 

Activities that we have been approved to offer in the afternoons: 

  • Arts & Crafts: Activities may include: Painting, Foldable Book Making, DIY Velcro Stick Making, Jewelry Making, Origami, Yarn & Popsicle stick creations, and Sidewalk Picasso. For all art activities, each camper will be provided with their own individual supplies, including child-friendly scissors, paper, glue, chalk, stickers, canvas board, paint, and paintbrushes. 
  • Field Sports: Activities may include: Relay Races, Potato Sack Races, Outdoor Simon Says, Outdoor Green Light/Red Light, Hula Hoop racing, Plastic egg racing, water pale racing, and outdoor drawing. For all Field sports activities, each camper will be provided with their own individual supplies or personal activity kit such as potato sack, hula hoop, plastic egg & spoon to participate.
  • Water Games/Sports: Activities may include: Inner Tube games (noodle tag, racing, water polo, sharks and minnows), Relay Swim Races, Diving/Jumping games, Treasure Diving, So You Think You Can Dance… in the Water? Game. For all water game activities, each camper will be provided their own individual supplies or personal activity kit such as a personal inner tube and beach ball to participate.

Each afternoon activity will last for 50 minutes, with 10-minute breaks in between for rotation and necessary station cleaning. In addition to designated counselors, who will participate with campers during their activities all day, there will also be one additional part-time counselor who will be responsible for managing every activity station in the afternoons. Part-time counselors will also be in charge of sanitizing their stations following every rotation.

All Camp Carondelet specialty teachers are CPR certified and a lifeguard will be present for all water sport activities. We will provide all specialty teachers with individual PPE for CPR as needed.

Note: Specialty teachers are aware that many campers will be signed up for multiple week sequences and are working to create activities that vary and decrease repetition from week to week.



Based on guidance from CCHS, we will no longer be serving lunch and are asking each camper to bring their own paper bag lunch and beverage. Lunch will be held in rotations from 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM in the outdoor spaces at our main campus with each stable group of 12 eating in separate designated spaces with their assigned counselor. During lunch, campers must still abide by social distancing rules but can remove their masks to consume their meals. 

For families who registered prior to or during shelter-in-place restrictions and selected the original lunch option we planned to offer before COVID-19, you will be fully refunded for any additional fees associated with this add-on service by June 30.


Midday Transportation between campuses

During transportation between campuses after lunch, campers will practice social distancing on our midday shuttle busses. Campers must sit in a single seat and on every other row in an effort to create as much space possible in the enclosed environment. Designated counselors will ride on the busses with campers to ensure further safety and enforce social distancing rules. All campers and staff are required to wear a mask or face covering for the midday shuttle, including while waiting in line to get on the shuttle bus, during the shuttle ride, and once they arrive at the CAC until their stable group has reached their first activity rotation station for the day. If your camper’s first rotation at the CAC is arts & crafts, they must keep their mask or face covering on until they rotate to outdoor activities.


What to Bring to Camp Carondelet

Based on guidelines from the CDC and CCHS and in consultation with other day camps throughout the Bay Area, we have made the decision to be responsible for all supplies for campers. This will allow us to provide individual supplies to prevent cross-contamination.

Permitted Items for Campers
  • Small Backpack or Tote Bag (Material should be durable and easy to wipe down)
  • Personal Water Bottle (Campers will refill from disposable water bottles on-site)
  • Individual Snacks (1-2 per day)
  • Paper Bag Lunch or Reusable Lunch Tote (If reusable, material must be wipeable)
  • Personal Disposable Plastic Bag (To be used for wet clothing after water sports)
  • Mask or Face covering ( Required for indoor activities and shuttle ride )
  • Required medication (Includes EpiPens. Please list all required medication on your campers medical form)
  • Sunscreen (We will provide this, but please pack if your camper requires a specific formula or brand for a medical condition)
  • Eyeglasses or Contacts (If applicable)
  • Sunglasses (Optional)
  • Extra change of clothes (Optional)
  • Cellphone (If applicable)

To remain compliant and prevent cross-contamination between campers when collecting personal items, please be sure to clearly label your camper’s backpack, water bottle, lunch container, and the reusable plastic bag with marker or tape/marker with their first initial and last name on all items.

Prohibited Items for Campers
  • Personal or individual supplies for camp activities
  • Any snack or lunch item that encourages “sharing” with others
  • No snacks that include nuts or shellfish for the safety of campers with pre-disposed allergies. Camp Carondelet is a nut-free summer camp.
  • Personal items, including blankets or stuffed animals
  • Summer game toys, including water guns, water squirting toys, bubble makers, etc.

We reserve the right to temporarily collect any prohibited item found on-site during a day session. Items will be returned to parents/guardians at pickup. 

We also strongly discourage campers from bringing any personal items of value that may need to be removed during activities including watches, earbuds/AirPods, and jewelry of higher value. 

Additional guidelines may be added to this document in the upcoming weeks if newer requirements are released by Contra Costa Health Services. You will also be notified of any updates to this document by email.

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