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Student Wellness Office

Carondelet’s wellness team creates programming focused on social and emotional learning to support student wellness and advocacy.

Wellness Counselors

→ Wellness Resources regarding teen stress, assault, social-emotional health, alcohol use, and more.

The counselors coordinate and facilitate regular peer support groups. By appointment, they will meet with students individually for short term needs. When needed, they will support families in providing community referrals for ongoing counseling support outside of Carondelet.

The goal of these services is to promote wellness and to support students in their unique personal development. The counselors address areas of personal concerns by listening, strategizing, and helping students to develop appropriate solutions and coping skills.

Online counseling appointment request forms are available to students and teachers for the scheduling of in person appointments. Counselors make every attempt to limit class disruption in scheduling these appointments, but students sometimes can be called out of class.

Parents should call if they have concerns regarding their child’s emotional health and well-being.

Peer Group Support

Peer group support has been offered for these areas:

  • Chronic illness
  • Divorce
  • Grief
  • Freshmen arriving to Carondelet without peers from their middle school (“Cougar Pack”)
  • Students transferring to Carondelet from other high schools

Peer Counseling

Trained senior peer counselors work with small groups of freshmen throughout the school year to help them in their adjustment to high school. 

Cannon Wellness Center Guidelines Agreement

Click here to read and complete your Cannon Wellness Center Guidelines Agreement Form.

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