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We know you may have many questions about returning to campus. We’re happy to answer the questions we hear most frequently.



What happens if a student starts to experience symptoms of COVID-19 while on campus?
Anyone feeling ill must leave campus as soon as possible. Students who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 will be isolated in our new infirmary location in the former Student Store until they can drive themselves home or a parent/guardian arrives.

What happens when a student or employee tests positive?
 We will consult with Contra Costa Health Services about all known and suspected COVID-19 cases in our school community to determine whether school will remain open. We will follow and encourage you to review these scenarios and actions provided by County Health.

If there is a positive COVID-19 case in our school community, we will take the following steps:

  • Notify the local public health department
  • Isolate the case and exclude them from campus for 10 days from symptom onset or test date
  • Identify contacts, quarantine and exclude close contact from campus for 14 days after the last date the case was present at school while infections
  • Recommend testing of contacts
  • Disinfection and clearing of classrooms and primary spaces where the case spent significant time
  • Notify the school community via email of a known case

Will I be alerted if someone on-campus tests positive?
Yes, we will notify the school community if there is a known positive case on campus. A more specific message with additional instructions will be sent to those who were in a classroom with the positive test. Because all those on-campus will be socially distanced and masked, there is no “close contact” as defined by public health officials and no need to self-isolate. Though it is best that all should monitor for symptoms and get a test.

*Added 11/19: What should I do if someone in my household tests positive for COVID-19?
If someone in your household tests positive for COVID-19, all family members who have been in close contact (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or longer) with the positive case should quarantine at home for at least 14 days. We also recommend that all household members get tested. It is important to note that a negative test result does not shorten the 14-day quarantine period. It is your family’s responsibility to follow the isolation and quarantine guidelines determined by the County in order to mitigate the spread of the virus. Please communicate early and often with Malisa Meemari and/or Caitlin Main if anyone in your household has tested positive. Students, if healthy enough to do so, are encouraged to participate in their classes virtually while they are in quarantine. No student will be penalized for any missed class due to COVID or COVID exposure.



Student Expectations

What do students need to bring to school on a daily basis?
 Students are expected to bring the following to campus each day:

  • Face covering and back-up face covering
  • School-issued iPad and charger
  • Reusable water bottle and lunch (unless they have pre-ordered online)
  • Any teacher-recommended school supplies

What is the dress code for hybrid learning?
 Students are encouraged to wear Friday/Casual Uniform while on campus for hybrid learning. Casual Uniform includes uniform pants (black, navy, or khaki) or blue jeans capri-length or longer, free from rips or holes. On top, students may wear any Carondelet-branded t-shirt, polo, or outerwear sweatshirt/jacket. Please note that the class of 2021 has the special senior privilege of wearing opaque black leggings and their senior t-shirts. For further information on our dress code, please visit our School Uniforms webpage.

What are the guidelines for passing periods?
Students are expected to maintain a 6-foot distance and follow all directional signage in hallways and stairwells. Red tape has been used to create a center divide in most halls, encouraging students to keep right. Students should efficiently use the restroom and fill up their water bottles and report to their next class. If students are interested in safety socializing or having a snack, they are encouraged to head outdoors to the amphitheater.

What happens if a students doesn’t wear a mask or practice social distancing at school?
Students who do not follow our safety guidelines will not be allowed to participate in hybrid learning or any on-campus activities. The health and safety of our school community is our top priority.

Where should students keep their cellphones during class? Are cell phone pockets being used?
We will not be using cell phone pockets this school year. Students are expected to keep their phones on silent and place them in their backpacks during class time. For more information on cell phone use on campus, please reference the Student Handbook.

What is the school’s policy on family/holiday travel?
We know that traveling is often a necessity and it is also a family decision. We do ask for families to partner with us to lessen the possibility of spreading the virus to campus. There are currently no restrictions to return to campus for simply traveling out of the Bay Area (or the State or otherwise) as long as our students and families follow all Contra Costa County health and safety guidelines (wearing a mask, social distancing, etc.). However, if a family has been out of town and have had interaction that would be defined as a close contact (within 6-feet for 15 minutes or longer) we ask that you/your daughter participate in a week of virtual learning at home upon return. Additionally, as with any close contact, we encourage you and your daughter to get a COVID test. Please be upfront with any travel arrangements and connect with Malisa Meemari or Caitlin Main if you have any questions or concerns about you/your daughter’s return to campus after travel.



Campus Readiness

What are the cleaning and sanitizing procedures during the day?
 Our facilities team deep cleans and sanitizes each night using EPA approved disinfectant. Additionally, high touch surfaces are sanitized after break and lunch and classroom desks are sanitized, with help from students, after each class period.

Will desks be sanitized between classes?
Yes. Each classroom will be equipped with supplies so that each student can individually sanitize their workspace. This is in addition to the nightly disinfecting that is completed by our facilities staff.

How is social distancing maintained in classrooms?
 Classroom furniture has been reduced by 50% to allow for adequate space between students. Additionally, protective screens have been added to teacher desks.

How is adequate ventilation in classrooms maintained?
 Our HVAC system meets CDC standards and consists of fresh air that recirculates at a rate of 40%/hour. When appropriate, teachers may choose to open windows and doors to create additional ventilation and airflow.



Arriving to and Leaving Campus 

How early can I come to campus?
 Students are expected to arrive NO EARLIER than 7:45 AM.

Is carpooling allowed?
 Yes, carpooling is allowed. However, we ask that you always wear a mask when in the presence of anyone outside of your household, including inside a car.

How will parking on campus work?
Faculty, staff, and the majority of our driving 11th and 12th graders will have an assigned parking space on campus. At this point in time, our lot is full and we can’t issue any additional parking permits. However, as long as we are in the hybrid model, we may be able to accommodate driving students who were not able to secure a parking permit. Please connect with Caitlin Main, Dean of Students, directly if you are interested in a temporary parking permit while we are in hybrid.

Is there a space to hangout and study on campus after school?
 Students are expected to leave campus immediately after their final class period of the day unless they are participating in an extracurricular activity or have a pre-arranged meeting with a teacher. If you or your daughter have a special circumstance, please contact Caitlin Main, Dean of Students.

What is the CHS Prescreen App? When do I fill it out?
The CHS Prescreen App is a short symptom monitoring survey. This is an additional safety precaution that the school has put into place. Students are expected to fill out the 4-question survey each morning BEFORE commuting to campus. Parents are encouraged to supervise to ensure that temperatures are being taken and questions are answered honestly. If a student answers “yes” to any question, please follow-up with Caitlin Main, Dean of Students, prior to coming to campus. A secondary screen will be given over the phone or via email.

What happens if I/my student arrives late to campus?
 Students should head directly to the Attendance Office to check in with Ms. Malisa. They will show their green “clear” screen, digitally log their reason for being late, and then report to their class.

What if I/my student needs to leave early? In order to release a student from school during the day, a parent/guardian must contact Ms. Malisa in the Attendance Office with the date, time, and reason for leaving campus. Ms. Malisa will then send a digital blue slip to the student.

Where can I wait for my ride after school?
Students are expected to wait for their carpool outdoors in the amphitheater or on the Chapel lawn. Parents/carpools are expected to pick-up from the drop-off zone near the Chapel.



Will food be served during the day?
 Boxed lunches will be available for pre-order through our food vendor, Epicurean. Students and families must pre-order for the week the Thursday prior by 12 midnight. More information on creating/updating your account, ordering online, and updated menus are available on our Cafeteria webpage.Food and beverage sales will not be available during break or after school. Students are encouraged to bring their own snacks.

Can I fill my water bottle up during the day?
 Yes. Touchless hydration stations are available around campus.

What are the guidelines during lunch? Where can students eat lunch?
 Both Carondelet and De La Salle will observe closed campuses at lunch. Students are expected to return to their home campus after their 2nd/5th period class. The Academic Building and Back 40 classroom areas will be closed for sanitizing, with the exception of restrooms. Approved lunch areas are: the amphitheater and outdoor breezeways; second floor balconies; Chapel lawn; garage seating area; and the Garaventa Center. Students are expected to maintain a 6-foot distance at all times, keep their masks on except while eating and drinking, and wash/sanitize their hands prior to returning to class.

What will adult supervision look like during breaks and lunch?
 In an effort to increase supervision and enforce safety guidelines, Carondelet has tripled adult supervision before school and during breaks and lunch.



Campus Spaces

Will lockers be assigned?
 Lockers will not be issued to all students this semester. We will reassess for next semester later in the year.

Is the Library open to students?
 The Library has been converted to an additional classroom space. Students who are interested in checking out books can still take advantage of our curbside pick-up offered by our Librarian, Ms. Koski. For more information, please reference our Library Resources page.

Are restrooms open and available?
 Yes. Restrooms are open and available during the day. Most restrooms have a maximum capacity of two people. Students should obey all signage and maintain social distance while using the restroom.

What about scheduled study halls?
 Students who are scheduled for a study hall at the beginning or the end of the day are encouraged to take this study hall off campus. Students arriving late after their first period study hall are expected to check in with Ms. Malisa in the Attendance Office as soon as they arrive on campus. Similarly, students leaving early for their study hall at the end of the day should check out with Ms. Malisa prior to leaving campus.

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