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Our Step-by-Step Process

Carondelet’s team of professional college counselors maintain relationships with college and university admissions officers across the United States. The Carondelet College and Career department prides itself on providing current info on the changing landscape of college admissions. College Counselors guide students through the complexities of the search and application process, providing expertise and ensuring that students are aware of the opportunities available.

Step 1: 9th grade

Each student is assigned to a College Counselor and they begin to meet with them their freshman year. Four counselors, who have about 50 students at each grade level, build rapport and knowledge of each unique student as they meet over the course of four years.

In 9th grade we support students as they discover their passions. We teach students why it’s important to get involved in school and community activities so they can explore their interests. We also show them where they can find summer programs that may guide them further. We explore colleges through group work and when we meet with them in the new year, we help them choose classes and suggest activities that will help them explore areas of interest.

Step 2: 10th grade

In 10th grade, we begin to add onto what we covered in 9th grade. Students take the PSAT for practice, our team visits classrooms to provide students an in-depth introduction to Scoir, the platform we use to manage college applications, and share what they should be doing now to benefit them in the future. Again, in 10th grade we will meet with all students to go over course selection and offer students resources if they are interested in summer program options.

Step 3: 11th grade

During junior year, students will be introduced to a plethora of colleges that come to visit our campus, specifically to get to know our students. Through rep visits and college fairs, our students will have the opportunities to interact with the colleges they are interested in as well as learn more about schools they may never have heard of! We typically have over 140 colleges visit our campus.

We also host many one hour community block sessions during the school day where we walk students through different aspects of the college application process. Students will also meet with their respective counselor to go over topics like SAT/ACT planning, possible college major(s), college criteria, course selection and campus visits.

Step 4: 12th grade

In 12th grade, our final year, we will start things off with one-on-one meetings with each senior family where we delve into building a balanced college list, application deadlines, and so much more.

We hold incredible College Kickstart Boot Camp programs, one in June and one in August, to go over letters of recommendation, how to use each application platform, and how to write a college essay. Typically, we bring in college representatives on the last day of the June Kickstart to actually read and review our students’ essays. This is a great opportunity for our students to receive invaluable feedback from the people who are actually reading applications.

Throughout the year we prioritize meeting with the seniors to ensure they feel confident and prepared when sending in each and every college application.

Step 5: parent events

Throughout each school year, we provide events and learning experiences for not just students, but also for parents. These events can include events such as college fairs, financial aid night and workshops, coffee with the counselors, nursing presentations, our Road to College event, family meetings in the summer before senior year and much more.

Step 6: personal guidance

Throughout the four years of high school, College Counselors get to know each student personally and help identify important questions for students to explore and answer. These questions include: What type of learning environment would I thrive in? How important is the college’s location and size? Which college has the best learning, research, or internship opportunities that match my career goals? Which colleges offer a great education and need-based and/or merit scholarships?

Step 7: application support

We support students as they finalize their college lists and work on applications. We hold workshops for filling out the Common Application, California State University and University of California applications. College Counselors and faculty also write unique and thorough letters of recommendation for each senior who needs one. These letters encapsulate the nuances of each student’s intellectual vitality, potential, and character.

Step 8: Help Making the Big Decision

Once acceptance letters are received, College Counselors assist students and their families as they evaluate scholarship offers, consider various opportunities, and work toward a final decision.

Step 9: Preparing Students for the College Experience

With the help of our professional counselors, Carondelet students are prepared for what to expect in the first year of college and to succeed in their futures.

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