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Athletics Coaching Staff

Open Coaching Positions

Carondelet Cougars are currently seeking dedicated, enthusiastic, and responsible long term coaches for all sports, levels and positions. Candidates must have extensive playing experience in college and previous coaching experience at the high school or college level as well as good management and communication skills. Stipends for each position vary by experience level and sport. View current openings. Qualified applicants should contact Piper Brewster, Director of Athletics, to submit a resume and cover letter. Thank you!

Athletics Administration

Piper Brewster, Director of Athletics -
Cat Arroyo, Asst. Director Athletics -
Jessica Rollins, Athletic Trainer -
Dani Bernat, Strength & Conditioning -


3 Lacrosse athletes play in the night

Coaching Staff


Kelly Sopak, Varsity Head Coach

Cheer - Sideline

Eden Reid, Varsity Head Coach

Cross Country

John Harvey, Varsity Head Coach -


Suzanne Smith, Varsity Head Coach -
Dominique Woodbridge, JV Head Coach -
Jessica Mix, Assistant Coach -


Dominic Giordano, Varsity Head Coach -


Rick Eisenhour, Varsity Head Coach -


Rick Jeffery, Varsity Head Coach -
Samantha Simonich, JV Head Coach -


Adam Chaffey, Varsity Head Coach -


Amy Apodaca, Varsity Head Coach -
Shelby Melvin, Varsity Assistant Coach -
Bradlee De Shane, JV Head Coach -
Ashley Mangini, JV Assistant Coach -
Jenya Jawad, Frosh Head Coach -


Michael Creecy, Varsity Head Coach -


Roque Santos, Varsity Head Coach -
Kristina Levesque, JV Head Coach -


Dana Dominguez, Varsity Tennis Head Coach -
Anthony Carpio, JV Tennis Head Coach -

Track & Field

John Harvey, Varsity Track and Field Head Coach -


Jerry Mix, Varsity Head Coach -
Mike Hertel, JV Head Coach -
Stephanie Cline, Frosh Head Coach

Water Polo

Cat Arroyo, Varsity Head Coach -
Brad Guslani, JV Head Coach -

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