STEM Experts Advise on Innovation Center

Originally published in the Fall 2017 issue of The Carondeletter.


How do you begin imagining the kind of science, technology and innovation center that will equip young women for careers that don't yet exist? Ask the experts.

Carondelet has recruited a diverse group of advisors from the most successful tech companies and the most respected university faculties to help design a truly unique STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and Innovation Center for students. The Advisory Council was launched at the IBM Watson Center in San Francisco this summer, and subsequent workshops with advisors, faculty and students have explored curriculum of the future and how to design flexible space for maximum innovation.

"We hope the Advisory Council can help shape the vision for a truly innovative facility and curriculum that will prepare the young women of Carondelet for the world of the next 20-30 years, which will look a lot different than today," said Jack Russi, with his wife Jodie, two of the Co-Chairs of the This is Our Time Campaign. "This Council should also be a strong 'connector' to the top STEM minds and companies that can make that vision a reality."

His enthusiasm is shared by Carondelet alumna and Google Strategic Partnership Officer Emily St. Jean Duggan '05. "The STEM Advisory Council is incredibly eager to help Carondelet become even better suited to prepare students for the type of problem-solving that is needed for college and the next generation workplace," she said. "My hope is that we will be able to successfully leverage all the fantastic expertise within the group across the technology, research and education sectors."

Carondelet science teacher and inventor Randy Grishaber brings his background in industry as well as his classroom experience to the council. "What is so exciting about the dynamics of this group is that it is rich in ideas and savvy to the challenges of implementing necessary change to help Carondelet move forward well into the future," he said.

President Bonnie Cotter and Principal Kevin Cushing believe the Council will provide added benefits, including internships for students and professional mentorship opportunities for faculty. They expect Carondelet to emerge as a national leader in STEM and Innovation learning for young women and that the role of the Council will come to be recognized as a best practice.

The Carondelet community can look forward to seeing concept drawings of the new facility in early 2018.


External Advisors
Jim Atkinson - Pixar Animation Studios
Sara Beckman - University of California, Berkeley
Nick Brathwaite - Riverwood Capital
Chris Brooks - University of San Francisco
B. Cavello - IBM
Shelly Kapoor Collins - Shatter Fund
Patt Romero Cronin - Global Transformation Service
Laura Doyle - Santa Clara University
Emily St. Jean Duggan '05 - Google
Rachel Dzombak - University of California, Berkeley
Glenn Fox - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Bjoern Hartmann - University of California, Berkeley
Charalynn Macedo - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Tony Macedo - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Emily Rice - Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, UC Berkeley
Jack Russi - Deloitte LLP
Jodie Russi - Catholic School Educator
Chuck Schwalbach - Apple Inc.
Jason Wu - Roche Sequencing Solutions

Carondelet Advisors
Bonnie Cotter - President
Kevin Cushing - Principal
Anne-Marie Cabral - Math Faculty, Mechanical Engineer
Randy Grishaber - Science Faculty, Mechanical Engineer, Inventor
David Macmillan - Chief Advancement Officer
Leslie Schooler '96 - Math Department Chair