Heart to Heart: Generations of women come together to celebrate, renew, and deepen bonds

Over 100 women (current, past, and future Carondelet students and the special women in their lives) gathered for our 17th annual Heart to Heart Retreat. Through prayer, talks, and art, women shared the wisdom of generations to deepen relationships that help all women to become their most authentic selves

Our theme, Becoming Women of Heart, Faith, and Courage, was based on a maxim by Fr. Jean Paul Médaille: "Have only one desire throughout your lifetime: to be and to become the person God wills you to be." Fr. Médaille, a Jesuit preacher, in mid 17th-century Le Puy, France encouraged six women to pursue their calling to serve those in need. With the support of a local Bishop, these women became the Sisters of Saint Joseph. That maxim and the mission of those women lives on, heart to heart, at Carondelet.

Thank you to all the women who shared their experiences and joys with us.