Early College Credit works wonders

One of Carondelet's offerings is community college course work through our Early College Credit program. Student can enroll in tuition-free online courses from the community college, College of the Siskiyous to receive college-level and high-school level credit. The only cost to students and families is the textbook costs. This allows students to earn credits and save tuition money when they enroll in college after high school graduation.

Over the past few years, 402 Carondelet enrollments who have taken a total of 451 classes through this program.

Liz Paz-Rumore, Director of College and Career:

Parents often ask me: "What can my daughter do to improve her college admission options?" One of the best things is to have your daughter stretch herself intellectually by taking a college level class either by taking an AP or a College of the Siskiyous (COS) or other community college class. I also tell students, the beauty of the COS classes is that they are on topics everyone, regardless of your future major, will benefit from the knowledge learned. Plus, you can earn college credit without having to take an end of the year test! Colleges LOVE seeing this on a student's college application as it shows the student can handle a college level class and has a genuine interest in learning. Some students enjoyed their class so much it directed them to their future college major. We've had students with 2.7 GPA's earn A's in these classes and beyond improving the GPA, it was a great confidence boost.

Micaela Camozzi '16:

The class gave me an opportunity to work at my own pace on my own time. I was responsible for myself, which gave me insight to my upcoming responsibilities and time management at a university. Another way Carondelet has prepared me for the future.

Fiona Dekker '16:

I have never taken a college course at a community college before, so for me it was a whole new experience. It was also my first online class as well. Overall I enjoyed learning the material. It was a helpful for me because psychology is a class I had wanted to take at Carondelet and couldn't because of my schedule. Mr. Cushing was also very helpful when I was trying to learn the website at first and always posts the material ahead of time. I would recommend it to anyone who feels like they can take on one more class that's completed on their own time before Sunday night.

Kevin Cushing, Principal:

There are so many advantages that this program creates for students, especially those whose GPA fall in that 2.5-3.2 range. Taking these courses shows potential colleges that students not only are hungry to learn, but they can successfully engage in college-level work and excel at it. This is something that separates our students from others around the country. And the cost savings can be huge. I found that out personally with my own daughter.

Shaelyn McHugh '16:

I took a Sociology course which is not offered as a class at Carondelet. It is extremely interesting to hear the perspectives on sociological topics from such a wide variety of people. I know I have benefited greatly not only by challenging myself academically, but also by opening my mind to the opinions of the other students. This has allowed me to grow exponentially as both an informed student and a knowledgeable being.

How it started at Carondelet

Many schools have in place dual-credit course work where a student can take a college-level course, either with a community college or local university/college and receive high school credit for that course as well. This also means that in order to receive that college credit, there has to be an articulation agreement in place where the college acknowledges that the student will receive that college credit. Without a specific articulation agreement, other colleges will not accept these courses for credit at their school.

In creating this program a number of years ago, we quickly discovered that classes that fall within the IGETC program from California community colleges were being accepted by colleges and universities around the country because they were NOT dual-credit courses; students were taking college courses through a community college.

An issue arose with seat space availability at local colleges, even in an online environment. So we looked at community colleges where enrollment wasn't an issue, which is why we work with the College of the Siskiyous. Though students are not given priority and there is no formal agreement in place, we are able to work with the colleges registrar to enroll students and ensure that seat space is available for all who want to take a course, and these courses, once completed, have been accepted by colleges across the country.

This creates savings as these courses are used for General Ed credit-you don't have to pay tuition for these courses when they are accepted by a school. This also creates more flexibility and creates the gift of time for many students as they enter their freshman and sophomore years of college.

And, of course, completing these courses enhances college applications as students can demonstrate a thirst for learning and show that they can, and already have, completed college level work.

It also exposes our students to an environment where they have to be responsible for completing work in a timely fashion in an environment where they are not going to be prodded and reminded of deadlines-great preparation for college while still being coordinated by Carondelet.

Fall 2019 courses enrollment closes on August 26. More courses will be open for enrollment in January and May.

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