All-time records for Dive Team in 2019

Written by Head Coach Eric Holzheimer

When Courtney Klausen joined the Carondelet diving team as a freshman, it was the beginning of her domination in the Northern California diving world.

In her freshman season, Courtney finished 10th overall at her first NCS Championship. This seemingly high mark did not sit well with her. It wasn't enough. She was now committed to diving and was competing year-round. That dedication paid off and is now evident in her high school accomplishments in three subsequent years:

2016 ~ #10 at NCS
2017 ~ #1 at NCS with the 7th highest score in NCS history and placed 18th in the State meet
2018 ~ #1 at NCS and improved her score, but retained the 7th spot in the all-time NCS record books. She placed 6th in the State meet.
2019 ~ #1 at NCS with the highest girl's score in the 40+ year history of the event. Placed 14th in the State meet.

Courtney is now college bound and signed her National Letter of Intent with the University of North Carolina - Wilmington for the 2019-2020 season.

Kate Cilley, a former gymnast, wanted a sport she could enjoy and could be competitive in high school. As a rising Junior in 2017 she began diving in July to prepare for the upcoming high school season in the spring. Kate quickly moved into the top finishers at NCS; placing 11th in her first year of competition. Now, a year later, Kate placed 3rd at NCS (missing 2nd by less than 20 points) with the 12th highest score in NCS history. Kate placed 20th in the State meet earlier this month.

Kate signed her National Letter of Intent with Boston College for the 2019-2020 season.

Our newest high performing teammember is freshman Olivia Cunningham. Olivia began diving in July 2018 in preparation for the 2019 high school season. In her first year she finished 8th overall at NCS. This is the highest any freshman has ever placed at NCS for Carondelet. Olivia has big shoes to fill. Her high school and club coach, Eric Holzheimer, believes she is more than up to the task.

Currently, Courtney, Kate, and Olivia lead a team of 12 with three of their sisters making the Varsity team (Chloe Bremhorst, Savannah Short, and Elliana Zapata) along with 6 others who made the JV team (Cate Bangalan, Addison Kozimor, Melissa Lafrades, Olivia Nimmo, Taylor Pires, and Mary Siemons). In addition, CHS partners with DLS to share our diving coach. There is one DLS Varsity diver this year (Charlie Kunz). Charlie missed the NCS cut by less than 3 points this season We are hoping for more DLS divers in 2020.

With only Kate and Courtney graduating this year, CHS has the talent and depth to extend our winning streak for years to come.

Interested? High School diving at CHS is open to anyone that wants to fly through the air; there are no prerequisites. High school try-outs will take place the last week of January 2020. For those wanting to get a "jump" on the season and begin training sooner, there are several diving clubs in the area that practice and train year-round.

In addition, CHS will be holding its own diving camp for one week Mon., June 17 - Fri., June 21, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. at the Carondelet Athletics Complex. The camp is open to all girls and boys (rising 3rd to 9th grade students from any school). Space is limited, sign-up here: