Alumna Spotlight: Becca Gilbert '16

After completing her first year at Wellesley College, Becca Gilbert '16 spent her summer working in a microbiology lab – in collaboration with MIT – studying evolutionary biology and biochemistry... ("Wow," is right!) Before beginning her second year at the women's college just outside of Boston, Becca came home to the East Bay and stopped by Carondelet for a visit.

Never missing an opportunity to connect our amazing alumnae with our current students, Director of College & Career, Liz Paz-Rumore, invited Becca to speak to students about her experience as a biochemistry major at a top-notch university.

"Math, math, math – take it all!" Becca urged the girls who had come to meet her. "Coding is also important in the sciences, especially in learning how to present your data in a visually appealing way," she said. She also advised the students to "do something because you're passionate about it and it will show."

Becca is passionate about science and she's excited to be doing "real research." "Wellesley treats us like graduate students," she said.

Many people may be familiar with Wellesley because it has produced famous alumnae such as Hillary Clinton and Madeline Albright. In her first year at the school, Becca was able to complete her work-study program in the school's Alumnae Engagement office, which provided a wonderful opportunity for her to network with some of the school's esteemed alum.

What's next for Becca? Her dream is to participate in a NIH-funded Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), where she would attend medical school and graduate school, earning both an M.D. and a Ph.D. She would then pursue a career in medical research – perhaps curing some of the world's most confounding diseases.

Keep up the great work, Becca!

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