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Literature, Conflict, & the Human Experience

Literature reflects history and history affects literature. Often, literature informs and shapes our understanding of history because literature can bring history to life in ways that textbooks cannot. This class looks to investigate that link. The course aims to examine powerful international conflicts that often go unexplored in secondary education. In this semester-long class, students will examine the causes, conduct, and fallout of these conflicts through literary works, historical documents, multimedia sources, as well as individual and group research. Students will produce one essay, one project, and one presentation as major assessments. In addition, students will engage in frequent discussions about the course materials and historical events.

Note: summer reading requirement for this course will be announced in the spring via the Carondelet website.


  • English






De La Salle


12th grade


Completion of English 3 or AP English Language Composition

More Than High School.

Her School.

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