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Tiler Templeton



Ms. Tiler Templeton joined Carondelet High School as a math teacher in 2021.

She had a passion for math until it dwindled because of negative experiences she had in her math classes at the Catholic high school she attended. As a result it has been one of her dreams to help make Catholic high school math class experiences positive for girls regardless of what they look like, where they come from, etc so they will believe in their potential to learn and view themselves as capable of succeeding in math.

She is also one of the Varsity Golf coaches, another dream of hers since she has extensive knowledge of the sport from playing for several years including being on her Catholic high school team. She is the 2nd female Varsity Golf coach Carondelet has ever had.

She is both honored and grateful to be at Carondelet to fulfill these dreams!

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BA, Developmental Psychology - California State University, East Bay

MA, Teaching and Teaching Credential - Santa Clara University

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