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Dean of Faculty

Job Summary

The Dean of Faculty works closely with the Vice Principal of Academics and Ed Tech to provide for overall supervision of the faculty and, in particular, carries out the responsibilities and duties listed below.

Carondelet’s Dean of Faculty will work with Department Chairs and will serve as an instructional leader for fellow faculty members in their respective disciplines. The Dean of Faculty will play a key role in stewarding instruction and learning across departments and will actively seek cross-curricular, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary approaches and will be responsible for ensuring that best instructional practices are being used by faculty and that innovative, student-centered, project-based approaches are being emphasized.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Lives the mission of the school, in the CSJ tradition, through a thorough knowledge and understanding of the mission, vision, and values of Carondelet High School..
  • Is an equity-focused, inclusive leader with the ability to support an environment where a growth mindset is a prominent presence in all aspects of school life.
  • Maintains positive relationships and communication with students, parents, faculty and staff to ensure an excellent educational experience.
  • Engages enthusiastically with and responds positively to the needs of students, faculty, families, staff, alumni and the public outside the school in order to help maintain a positive and vibrant school community.
  • Is a life-long learner who takes advantage of professional growth opportunities related to best practices in teaching and learning that come from research, literature in education, and practitioners in the field.
  • Is flexible, adaptable, and takes an innovative approach to curricular design and the effective incorporation of technology in the learning process and incorporates this into professional development opportunities for faculty.
  • Develops innovative strategies for instruction and use of technology by creating and maintaining a forward-thinking strategic plan that meets strategic, operational, and learning objectives
  • Supports the Principal in all his/her responsibilities in creating programs that ensure the on-going improvement of the school.
  • In conjunction with the Principal, the Vice Principal of Academics, and Department Chairs, creates innovative academic programming that prepares students for successful matriculation to college and provides life-long skills.
  • In conjunction with the Principal, Vice Principal for Academics and Ed Tech, and Department Chairs, the Dean designs, implements, and evaluates school-wide academic and instructional initiatives.
  • Works with the Director of Enrollment to help attract and retain students.
  • Partners with the Data Manager, Vice Principal of Academics, and Department Chairs to track and understand the impact of various initiatives to support strategic growth.

Administrative Responsibilities and Duties

  • Collaborates with the Department Chairs and Vice-Principal of Academics and Ed Tech in teacher observation and coaching, including the creation of teacher portfolios, multi-year Google Site repositories of learning, and all other related responsibilities
  • Is an instructional coach and leader who provides support for instructional planning, alignment of goals, programs, and assessment for faculty. As an instructional coach, participates in tandem observations, provides feedback and support for all faculty.
  • Works with the Vice Principal of Academics and Department Chairs in the following areas of Professional Development:
    • Coordinates the multi-year cycle of professional development, tracking the progress of each faculty member and supporting theme leaders in coordination and communication
    • Participates actively in the performance evaluation and goal building model while also working closely with a group of teachers for one of the rotations in the professional development cycle model
    • Participates in the development of the details for professional learning days and the general support for faculty development.
  • Coordinates with HR and Department Chairs to manage the search and interview process for new faculty
  • Assists with orientation and mentoring program for new faculty
  • Assists with Back to School Night and Academic Awards Night
  • Coordinate the process that ensures a yearly review of all course syllabi, Schoology sites, final exams, and department minutes to support strategic initiatives and data gathering
  • Serves as a grader and content creator of Alludo platform in partnership with the VP of Academics and Ed Tech
  • Works with department chairs to identify and create website content and story sharing opportunities
  • In partnership with the Director of Academic and Learning Support, assesses needs and provide lead academic coordination for the summer program at Carondelet for all remediation, advancement, and supplemental academic programming
  • Partners with VP for Academics and Data Manager on the implementation of Panorama & MAP testing programs.
  • Is an active participant in the WASC/WCEA steering committee
  • Is an intermediary with Department Chairs in handling student and parent concerns related to teaching and the classroom environment.
  • Is responsible for matters related to academic integrity to include working with teachers on best practice strategies when integrity issues stem from poor design or inability to scaffold to support differentiation
  • Participates in Department Chair Meetings, Academic Council, and other group meetings as necessary
  • Works with AP coordinator, department chairs, and VP of Academics on scheduling needs connected to pre-requisites or other processes.
  • Coordinates student tech training with Librarian/Tech coordinator


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