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Video Game Design

In this course, students will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to create their own video games. Students will research and analyze game style choices as they critique the ethics of game design, including how choices affect gameplay, mood, and audience. Students will then learn and explore coding concepts and terminology, including how to code in C# and the game software, Unity. As the course progresses, students will also have the opportunity to create music and other audio for game integration, explore two and three-dimensional virtual design concepts and develop character and backstory. By the end of the course, students will be able to play and share their own video games.


Note: Students will need access to a laptop and headphones (on-campus laptop available but access to a home computer for homework necessary)


  • Computer Science
  • Visual & Performing Arts and Computer Science








11th & 12th grades


Carondelet students need to have successfully completed TMS and a year-long visual arts class. (Grade of PR in TMS; C or better in visual art).  If TMS not taken and passed, completion of an Intro to Computers with coding or its equivalent will satisfy the computer requirement.
De La Salle students need to have successfully completed Intro to Computers or its equivalent and a year-long visual arts class. (Grade of C or better).

Exceptions can be made to the above pre-requisites on a case by case basis with Department Approval.

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