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Online Learning Extended

Online classes and activities will now continue through at least May 1. Details: Online Learning webpage


Ornithology is the study of birds, including evolution, morphology, physiology, ecology and social behavior. Laboratory sessions both in the field and in the classroom will focus on species identification as well as data collection and analysis. Throughout the semester we will go on several field trips; you will build a life list of all species observed throughout the course.

The primary goal for this course is to build a foundation of knowledge about birds in a way that will stimulate the desire to be lifelong learners through your hobbies. Through this vessel, we will utilize the NGSS Practices to build on your abilities to ask questions, analyze data, and build complex and organized explanations. Our approach will focus primarily on the behavior, ecology, and anatomy of birds, as well as the development of field skills including usage of binoculars and camera equipment, making observations, and collecting data.

Students will need a pair of Binoculars.


  • Science








11th & 12th grades


Finished with Biology, C or higher, or concurrently enrolled in Biology

More Than High School.

Her School.

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