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Frosh Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit

This course develops students’ sense of who they are as young women of faith and their connection to the Carondelet Sisterhood. Units of study will focus on physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being as well as on general wellness topics infused with morality, ethics, and social justice through a Catholic lens. This course will develop skills and useful perspectives to help students face challenges they experience in the real world.


NOTE: This course is graded on an EP/PR scale. There are a few Carondelet courses that employ the use of the Proficient (PR) / Emerging Proficient (EP) grading system. Courses that use this system are designed to foster a growth mindset and allow students to explore new perspectives, skills, and concepts. Students who demonstrate proficiency in the subject will earn a PR (proficient) and students who are still developing proficiency within the course will earn an EP (emerging proficient.) For more information about how the PR/EP system works within a specific class’s scope, please refer to the course syllabus. A student receiving an EP in a course will have to take another course to demonstrate proficiency and meet graduation requirements.


  • Kinesiology
  • Religious Studies




5 Kinesiology & 5 Religion




9th grade



More Than High School.

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