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Podcasting and Storytelling

The Podcasting and Storytelling course is a semester-long English senior selective course. This course will provide basic background knowledge of the medium of podcasting, and will also focus on the elements of effective storytelling (organization, tone, evidence, language, etc.). There will be a core reading list to begin the semester, and students will be required to listen to and evaluate the techniques implemented in a variety of podcasts. As the semester progresses, much of the curriculum for this class will be inquiry-based, and students will largely create their own reading lists (with teacher’s approval) based on what topic they specifically choose to study. The student-selected reading choices will give context and background information that enables them to become knowledgeable enough to produce original podcasts that tell a story relating to their chosen subject.

Note: summer reading requirement for this course will be announced in the spring via the Carondelet/De La Salle websites.


  • English


UC, CSU, & NCAA Approved






12th grade


Completion of English 3 or AP English/Comp. and approval of Dept. Chair and Assistant Principal.

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