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Animation and Drawing

In Animation and Drawing students will create their own individual and group animations. Students will learn to storyboard, build animation puppets, and use computer film editing software. Projects may include: hand drawn, claymation, and computer animation. Students will also view cartoons from the earliest Mighty Mouse to the latest from Pixar and Dreamworks as they learn about this amazing industry’s major historic and modern influences.

A semester of this course may be taken for five credits provided that the VPA has been satisfied. If requesting to take this course as a semester offering, this should be clearly indicated on the “Course Request Form” by noting (SEM) next to course.


  • Visual & Performing Arts and Computer Science


UC & CSU Approved “F”


10 or 5


De La Salle


11th & 12th grades


Two-Dimensional Design as an introduction for this course

More Than High School.

Her School.

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