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Working Out on IG Live

Our Strength and Conditioning Coach leads daily workouts online to help athletes and all students stay active while they’re home for Online Learning.
by Dani Bernat, Strength and Conditioning Coach

I wanted to touch base with all the athletes and any of the student body or faculty/staff who are eager to stay active while at home.

While practicing social distancing can feel a bit isolating, I want to encourage all of you to try and move for at least 30 minutes a day. An easy way to do that is to check Schoology for daily workouts I will be posting!

Exercise has so many great benefits far beyond simply building strength, it can reduce feelings of loneliness and anxiety, increase production of endorphins (happy hormones), increase energy levels, and also give your immune system an extra boost!

Some of you may have gym equipment at home, which is awesome! However, I assume the majority of us do not therefore we will have to be creative on how we add external loads (e.g., weights) to some of these movements.

I will post the workouts on Schoology and you will be able to find videos of the movements on our Athletics Instagram account, @carondeletcougars. I’ll be live at 11:30 AM every day during your break between classes.

Please post and tag us in your workouts, so I can see how creative you are getting with weights but also so I can see you guys are up and moving!



Dani Bernat
Strength and Conditioning Coach


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