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Advocating for survivors

Sarah Alpert ’92 received the Making a Difference Award for her work with sexual assault survivors and curbing victim-shaming.

It takes strong, brave people to build up strong, brave girls. The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office recognized Carondelet’s Wellness Counselor Sarah Alpert ’92, for her work in support of young women.

In 2019, the DA’s Office honored eight people from the county, including Sarah Alpert, for their extraordinary support and dedicated advocacy for sexual assault victims. “Ms. Alpert made a difference in the lives of these students, and she has made a huge impact in the community,” noted the District Attorney’s Office.

Sarah was granted the Making a Difference Award for her exceptional support of students who are survivors of sexual assault and for bringing school-wide assemblies about sexual assault and the negatives of victim-shaming.

The DA’s office said, “Ms. Alpert provided a safe space for disclosure of sexual assault. In two instances, she supported the victims throughout the court process and, during one sentencing, provided a compelling and insightful statement to the court detailing the severe impact that the rape and its aftermath had on the victim.”

Sarah redirected any attention from herself to the students and the faculty and staff who make Carondelet the compassionate environment that it is. “I work amongst young women who have a very strong and very, very brave voice,” she said.

“Being given the blessed opportunity to walk alongside some of the strongest people I have had the pleasure to know—I am forever grateful.”


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