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Morality of Stem Cell Research. The Spanish Civil War. 2008 Financial Crisis.

These are some of the topics Carondelet students researched and vigorously debated as part of the Model United Nations. And they’re consistently winning awards.
Model U.N. Team
Model U.N. Team

Model United Nations is a simulation of the actual United Nations with students representing a particular country’s delegates in the UN. During these simulations, students attempt to resolve global issues through debate and negotiation with both supporters and adversaries.

The program develops skills in diplomacy, critical thinking, writing, and public speaking—which benefit studies in all subjects.

“Model UN gives me a place to talk about subjects that are new and interesting,” said Laura Bocek ’20. “Being able to defend your position empowers all of our club members and makes conferences like these worth all the hours of preparation.”

The high point of last year’s competitions was when the Carondelet squad attended the Harvard Model Congress in San Francisco, one of the largest in the country with nearly 400 students from around the world. By the end of the 3-day conference, Carondelet students had received six awards. Three earned the highest award presented, Best Delegate, and three others earned Honorable Mentions.


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