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Birthday Bag Donations Success!

Inspired by Monument Crisis Center’s work, the sophomore class organized a Birthday Bag donation drive.
by Caitlin S. ’25

The Monument Crisis Center is a non-profit resource center located in the Monument Corridor that Carondelet has a long history of collaboration. They do many things that support the CSJ charism, including promoting community awareness of needs and available resources to at-risk and low-income residents in Contra Costa County. Monument Crisis Center hosts a variety of drives, including a Birthday Bag Drive that provides families with supplies for their child’s birthday celebration. Through this drive, many families who do not have the opportunity, are able to give their children a special day.

Inspired by their work, our Sophomore class wanted to work with the Monument Crisis Center. Our Sophomore Class council organized a Birthday Bag donation drive earlier this month for their class. In each Christian Living class, a different birthday item was brought in, and we are thrilled to say we exceeded our goal and collected over 300 items! The Sophomore Class Council assembled 30 birthday bags that we are excited to drop off at the Monument Crisis Center. We look forward to partnering with the Monument Crisis Center in the future!


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