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Blind Date with a Book

Love was in the air this Valentine’s Day, and, coincidentally, so was literature! Novel Ideas sponsored a Book Blind Date in partnership with the Monument Crisis Center
by Taylor Whitmore ’23

Last month, the student book club Novel Ideas launched their first-ever outreach project! They partnered with Monument Crisis Center to bring custom-ordered books to the students at their Afterschool Café Program calling it “Book Blind Dates.”

Students from grades 6 through 12 filled out a google form to describe their ideal book; then, looking at the free-response answers on specific tropes and genres, the whole club assigned themselves one or more people to buy a book specifically for them. The one rule was at least one person in Novel Ideas had to have read the book before.

Once all the books were gathered, the club met to gift-wrap each book and write the kids a hand-written note! Monument Crisis Center said everyone enjoyed the gifts. Novel Ideas plans to continue partnering with Monument Crisis for more literary events and fun in the future and hopes more students at Carondelet will want to participate the next time around.


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