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Save a Turtle

Some of my earliest memories are walking along the beach and going on hikes with my family. From a young age I have loved being surrounded by nature and I felt a responsibility to protect it, which is why I was extremely sad to learn how plastics are negatively impacting our marine life.
by Haley Brathwaite ’20
  • Students Keeping Us Green

In the U.S. alone, 500 million plastic straws are used daily, many of which end up in the ocean as industrial waste. Many animals choke on plastics, which can cause a gruesome death.

I decided to do something to make a change, so I wrote letters to the school administration to inform them regarding the effects plastic straws have on marine life and encourage them to use paper straws in the Garaventa Center. I am happy that my dream has become a reality and I hope that with more efforts to reduce our school’s carbon footprint we can become a completely plastic-free school.


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