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Awareness During Advent

What special project we’re championing this year, and how the community can help from 11/16 to 12/13.
Advent Project 2019
Advent Project 2019

The Advent season is the four weeks leading up to Christmas, where we prepare our hearts for Jesus to enter our lives. Just as Mary and Joseph prepared themselves for the birth of Jesus, we prepare ourselves to receive Jesus into our lives. Advent is a time for waiting and getting ready for the coming of Jesus by giving back, helping others, and reflecting on our year.

This year, our Advent project is called ADA, which stands for Aware During Advent. Throughout Advent, we are aware of Jesus and the people around us. This year we are going to bring awareness to people with disabilities. We are partnering with Las Trampas, an organization that supports adults with developmental disabilities by providing supported/independent living services, day programs, and other services. We will support Las Trampas by holding a donation drive.

Freshmen will donate slime, clay, charcoal, and sensory art items. Sophomores will be donating resistance bands, jump ropes, and free weights. Juniors will be responsible for yoga mats, deflated yoga balls, and free weights, and Seniors will be bringing paper and canvas, colored pencils, markers, paint, and basic musical instruments. We hope that this project will open our hearts to people in our community with disabilities so that we can show love, know love, and be love to all people.


Donations will be collected in the Inner Court from Tuesday 11/16 - Monday 12/13. Monetary donations are also accepted and can be dropped off in Campus Ministry.


How to Contribute

Frosh: Slime, Clay, Charcoal pencil, sensory art items
Sophomores: Resistance bands, jump ropes, free weights
Juniors: Yoga mats, deflated yoga balls, free weights
Seniors: Paper/Canvas, colored pencils, markers, paint, basic musical instruments


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