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Student Awards 2021

Over the last two weeks, students were honored for their achievements in and out of the classroom by their teachers and staff. Congratulations to the more than 100 awardees!


The English Department strives to challenge and inspire students to be creative and critical thinkers, confident communicators, and empathetic global citizens. This year, the English Department would like to honor the following students who have demonstrated excellence and enthusiasm in these areas.

Danica Fajardo ’24
Audry Bowes ’24
Keira Dooley ’23
Morgan Gamble ’23
Lauren Loach ’22
Nicole Abudayeh ’22
Zoe Ward ’21
Angeline Brady ’21 


The Kinesiology Department’s goal is to provide students with a solid understanding of health and human performance that will help meet their physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. This year, the Kinesiology department would like to honor the following students who demonstrated outstanding performances in their area of study, exhibited stellar work ethic and showed genuine enthusiasm for learning in their classes.

Catherine Armstrong ”23
Margaret Bergin ’23
Katie Hickey ’24
Lucy McAfee ’22, Sports Med
Amaia Espinal ’22, Sports Med
Lucy Labrecque

Julia Jarrett ’24, Frosh Wellness: Mind, Body Spirit
Gaby De Luca ’24, Frosh Wellness: Mind, Body Spirit


The Math Department aims to empower young women with a growth mindset when it comes to mathematical learning and ability. The students recognized today have embraced the challenge and have shown exceptional growth through their hard work, courage in the face of mistakes, and love of learning. We celebrate this honorable level of excellence in mathematics.

Natalie Aiken ’24
Chloe Hausmann ’24
Mariska De Lusong ’24
Catherine Armstrong ’23
Karlie Makhoul ’23
Lauren Stone ’22
Isa Hank ’22
Jordan Roberts ’22
Megan Ju ’21

Modern Language

Modern Language Department Academic Awards are presented to students who are enthusiastic about learning a second language. These students demonstrate academic excellence and outstanding effort in their Modern Language class, as well as curiosity and respect in their study of other cultures.

Sophie Cazares, Spanish AP
Gabriela Sovero, Spanish 4
Leah Boyle, Spanish 3 Honors
Dessiree Arambula, Spanish 3 Honors
Lauren Roach, AP French
Eva Toney, French 3 Honors
Alison Arndt, French 3 Honors
Elise Coyle, French 2
Alissa Paulino, French 1
Natalie Aiken, French 1
Andie Angelacci, Italian AP
Lilly Frasca, Italian AP
Delaney Maloney, Italian 3 Honors
Abigail Stofer, Italian 2
Katie Kostolansky, Italian 1
Grace Baer, Latin AP
Sarah Parker, Latin AP
Macy Lehrer, Latin 2
Shealyn Higgins, Latin 1
Molly Fuchs Townzen, ASL 3
Katie Hickey, ASL 2
Natalie Flinker, ASL 1

Religious Studies

The Religious Studies Department Awards recognize students who live gospel values, while diligently pursuing the questions of religious study, demonstrating both excellence in academic work and extraordinary effort. Selected students contribute thoughtful reflections to class discussions, interact respectfully with students and teachers, demonstrate intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm in all classwork, complete excellent work displaying a high degree of effort, exceeding expectations when extra help is needed.

Cassie Esco ’23
Mackenzie Papalia ’23
Kristen Rizkalli ’22
Olivia Brown ’22
Ysabel Aguirre ’21
Shalia Santos ’21
Stella Tuffli ’21


It is the goal of the Science Department to assist our students in becoming scientifically literate, in a world that has great need for global citizens who are able to problem solve, think critically… those that can make sound decisions based in science and faith. The following ladies have been recognized by their teachers for their scientific minds, their magnificent effort, perseverance and creative imaginations.

Annabelle Chung ’24
Chloe Hausmann ’24
Morgan Gamble ’23
Catherine Armstrong ’23
Leah Boyle ’22
Olivia Leighton ’22
Olivia Braulik ’21
Bobbie Baker ’21

Social Studies

As teachers of Social Studies, we continually challenge our students to build life-long skills; skills that help them critically evaluate their own standing as citizens, not only as Americans but as citizens of a global society. Students who have earned this department award raise the bar – for both students and faculty – by demonstrating the values of hard work, commitment, and enthusiasm for social studies.

Alissa Paulino ’24
Michelle Andal ’24
Sophia Pedersoli ’23
Isabella Kaplum ’23
Sammy Traynor ’22
Alison Arndt ’22
Kayla Ponce ’21
Catherine Devincenzi ’21

Visual and Performing Arts and Computer Science

The Carondelet Visual and Performing Arts and Computer Science Department recognize students who are dedicated, enthusiastic, and passionate about the arts and computer science. The students chosen by the department have established a record of academic achievement and high-quality work in the visual and performing arts or computer science.

Kira Hardwick, Visual Art: 2D
Alyssa Brathwaite, Visual Art: Costume & Fashion Design
Emily Lawes, Visual Art: Photo & Film
Branna Sundy, Theater
Mackenzie Papalia, Theater
Julianna Giammona, Music
Emmy Dunn, Theater
Naye Ramon, Computer Science
Athena Lewis, Computer Science 

Olivia Brown, Company Theater Arts Cast Award
Geli Medina, Company’s Theater Arts Cast Award

Rose Du Pont, National School Choral Award

Seniors Angie Cogburn and Milani Martir, Junior Christine Carrillo, and Sophomore Riley McIntoshon the Yearbook staff took 2nd place at the Annual California Yearbook Academy’s theme design competition 

Student Life

Each year, Campus Ministry acknowledges students who have lived their faith and the Mission of our school in extraordinary ways.

The student receiving the Dorothy Day Award has shown passion and commitment in the area of social justice at Carondelet High School, through social action and inviting others to consider the relevance of the Gospel in the issues of today’s world.

Gabby Felix, Dorothy Day Award

The student receiving the St. Teresa of Calcutta award has embraced the call to love God by loving others however and wherever God leads.

Nora Schultz, St. Teresa of Calcutta Award

The student receiving the St. Teresa of Avila award has shown outstanding leadership in Campus Ministry at Carondelet High School through a commitment to the liturgy and retreat programs and she is rooted in prayer.

Olivia Brown, St. Teresa of Avila Award

The student receiving the Sr. Eleanor Eagan award also seeks a faith life that is authentic, active and lovingly serves others.

Francesca Vasconi, Sr. Eleanor Eagan Award

The Leader of Heart award is given to those students nominated from the class moderators, faculty and staff that have made a true impact on our school. They are inclusive, spirited, positive, outgoing and a true leader in every sense of the word.

Tatum Haggerty, Leader of Heart Freshman
Marianna Aiello, Leader of Heart Sophomore
Kylie Williamson, Leader of Heart Junior
Naye Ramos, Leader of Heart Senior

The Charism Award depicts a student who represents our school’s mission and charism with the utmost sincerity of heart and a sense of hospitality.

Lauren Rivera, Charism Award


Our Scholar-Athlete of the year is presented to the most outstanding athlete of the 2019-2020 school year while maintaining a 3.75 GPA or higher during her season of sport. This award recognizes excellence in the classroom and on the playing field in a season.

Kylie Williamson, Scholar-Athlete of the Year

Our Student-Athlete of the Year is presented to the most outstanding student-athlete of the 2020-2021 school year. She is a confident and accomplished young woman who consistently pursues the highest levels of excellence.

Nicole Williams, Student-Athlete of the Year

Academic Awards – College & Career

Nicole Abudayeh, Dartmouth Club Book Award
Alison Ardnt, California Mathematics Council Certificate of Achievement
Riley Baker, Clarkson University Leadership Achievement Award
Sofie Baker, Randolf College Book Award
Allison Barr, Miami University Book Award
Maggie Bowes, Computing Medal and Scholarship Program
Leah Boyle, Rensselaer Medal from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of New York
Michael Carroll, Clarkson University Leadership Achievement Award
Paige Collier, Williams College Book Award
Olivia Cunningham, The Lasell University Book Award
Sofia Daukas, Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award in Humanities and Social Sciences
Bella De Melo, Clarkson University Leadership Achievement Award
Chloe De Smedt, Oberlin
Viola Deszily, 21st Century Leadership Award Nomination
Isa Hanck, Harvard Book Prize
Natalie Jarrett, 2021Distinguished Xavier Scholars Nomination
Sarah Jennings, High Point University Book Award
Allie Johnson, Saint Michael’s College Book Award for Academic Achievement and Social Conscience
Audrey Julien, George Eastman Young Leaders Award
Chloe Knowles, Smith College Book Award
Addison Kozimor, Centre College Fellows Scholarship Program
Olivia Leighton, Saint Anselm College Book Award
Allie Lowe, Saint Michael’s College Book Award for Academic Achievement and Social Conscience
Grace Mazolewski, LeMoyne College Heights Award
Islay Morrison, Brandeis University Book Award
Aubrey Newton, Distinguished Athlete Award
Inaya Nicholls, Mount Holyoke College Book Award
Kayla Nuti, Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology
Mila Osorio, Villanova University Alumni Association Book Award Program
Sarah Bryn Owens, Rachel Carson Healthy Planet Award
Jaden Rafanan, 2021 Distinguished Xavier Scholars Nomination
Ava Ribando, Brown University Book Award
Kristen Rizkalli, Yale University Book Award
Lauren Roach, Penn Book Award
Bella Roden, Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award
Haley Rohrig, Innovation and Creativity Award and Scholarship Program
Lilymae Sison, 2021 Distinguished Xavier Scholars Nomination
Lauren Ston, The Key Award
Branna Sundy, Wesleyan
Iliana Treyger, Sait Lawrence University Book Award
Meghan Van Note, 21st Century Leadership Award Nomination
Isabella Veran Sanchez, The George H. Ball Community Achievement Award
Emily Walsh, Bryn Mawr
Kylie Williamson, Scholastic Excellence Award
Maddy Wilson, The Sage Award

AP Scholars

Ysabel Aguirre
Cindy Cardenas
Gianna DeMayo
Lilliana Frasca
Leah Hall
Christine Ilumin
Brooke Kocher
Estrella Lopez
Kaitlyn McNiff
Ania Metkowski
Erica Meyers
Audrey Mills
Sarah Mitchell
Jordan Roberts
Mollie Smith
Danielle Wozniak

AP Scholars with Honors

Grace Baer
Angeline Brady
Kailee David
Megan Ju
Lucy Jurow
Athena Lewis
Alexis Lutter -Lee
Lilly Madrigal
Nye Ramos
Lauren Rivera

AP Scholar with Distinction

Sophie Cazares
Elizabeth Chung

National Merit Commendation

Grace Baer
Elizabeth Chung
Brooke Kocher
Lilly Madrigal

National Hispanic Recognition Certificate

Cindy Cardenas
Brooke Kocher


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