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2019 Alumna of the Year, Mary Fichtenkort McFarland ‘77

“Love God and love your neighbor. Start with this as your foundation, and all else will fall into place, and you will be well on your way to fulfilling our Carondelet mission: to be women of heart, faith, and courage.”
Mary Fichtenkort McFarland '77
Mary Fichtenkort McFarland ’77

“There are opportunities all around us, in our daily lives, to serve and to be the light. I think it starts with just showing up, with taking the time to be there for your family, your friends, or the stranger in need.”

“Here at Carondelet, you’re surrounded by high-achieving females. Likewise when you leave Carondelet, and go out into the world and on to college, you will find yourself facing pressure to succeed, in many different ways. And you might be thinking of all that is expected of you, the load you will need to carry, to make your mark upon the world.”

“But instead of thinking about all the great things you need to do, start with the one small, simple thing, that Jesus told us to do—love.


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