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Carondelet Ventures Launches 1st School Hackathon

In February 2020, Carondelet Ventures hosted our first ever Hackathon where students had a chance to not just learn about being an entrepreneur, but actually be an entrepreneur.
Carondelet Ventures 2020 Hackathon Participants
Carondelet Ventures 2020 Hackathon Participants

Teams formed at the Hackathon and worked together to solve challenges faced by teens in our community: lack of sleep, college pressure, and parent/teen communication.

Using design thinking, teams created an original product or service to solve the problem, prototype and test their solution, and pitched it to a panel of real-world experts interested in funding their project. The team with the best pitch earned money and will get expert help to turn their idea into a real business.

All the students that participated took a risk on a new event, and walked away with an amazing experience in collaboration, design thinking, and entrepreneurship.


Chris Walsh
Director, Center for Innovation


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