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Connecting with Classmates during COVID

By creating themed celebration days, students had reason to share and connect in meaningful ways while being apart.
  • Lucy McAfee ’22 poses on a pedestrian bridge.

Lucy is a junior this year, but she remembers her first few weeks at Carondelet as a freshman clearly. She didn’t have many friends attending Carondelet, in fact she knew just one other student. Lucy felt anxious about making friends, until she joined Frosh Council and started building the most amazing relationships.

She reflects on her experience last spring with distance learning and her increased need to rely on relationships to keep her engaged and connected. She wanted to keep other students busy and involved as well, knowing everyone is in this together. Working closely with Sophomore Council, she created weekly themes through May.

“All of my extracurricular activities were gone, and I couldn’t spend time with my friends. To stay connected, we created ‘theme days’ for students. Saturday and Sunday were cleaning days, Make it Monday we created something like artwork, and Work it Wednesday was dedicated to exercise. Subject teacher Dr. Hutches is a Zumba Instructor, and she led a few classes on Wednesdays. We shared photos and videos of our challenges.”

Lucy’s favorite shared activity was the virtual dance party. She enjoyed seeing everyone’s faces, especially students she didn’t have classes with. She was impressed with all of the photos, videos and stories that came out of a very challenging time.


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