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Justice for All - June 2, 2020

A letter from Carondelet President Annette Eros ’85
by Annette Eros ’85, President

Dear Carondelet Community,

We share the deep sadness, disappointment, anger, and pain that our country suffers by the continuing acts of injustice against our dear neighbors. Recent tragedies involving Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and countless others have pushed us to engage at a heightened level, because it falls on all of us to foster a new normal where racism, bigotry, and inequality are no longer tolerated. Black lives matter.

As an inclusive CSJ community, we are uniquely challenged to serve the needs of the times today and stand in solidarity with the black community for justice and change. We recognize the need to move forward operating at a higher ethical standard to become the change we wish to see in our community. We are all connected. What happens to one affects us all.

Recognizing that our voices and actions do matter, we must listen, educate ourselves, advocate on behalf of the marginalized, be open to and share the perspective of others, speak out, reflect on our own words and actions, and actively work toward systemic change.

Moving forward, we are committed to do better as an educational institution. We will continue to work on ways that we can better respond to injustice as a school community and how to encourage our educators, students, and families to understand our responsibilities in acting for justice. We are committed to continuing our work in having authentic conversations, examining our actions, and growing in our individual and community understanding.

During this time, we must do more than just pray; we must model our mission to love our dear neighbor. We ask that everyone in the Carondelet community join together to support those who suffer due to acts of injustice and commit to increased mindfulness, courage, and kindness. We are grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow as a school community in partnership with you.

With hope, resolve, and solidarity,

Annette Eros ’85


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